Thursday, November 17, 2011

nov.17, 2001 radio playlist

Cazwell and Peaches - UnZip me
Cazwell f.Amanda Lepour - Get into it
Peaches - Back it up, Boys, for Movember!
R.Kelly - Shut up - for Skot

Betty Rubble - Mykki Blanco
Austra (diamond rings mix) - Lose it
Wonder Girls - Be my Baby
Wombats - IOU's
Nicola Roberts - Yo-Yo
New Look - Janet
d'Eon - Transparency
The Saturdays - NOTORIOUS

Monday, November 14, 2011

All of you at once, right now!!

So Brit boy band Jls, have been garnaring lots of attention as of late. I'd watch random interviews, cause lets face it the boys are fit! I'm not sure of their names but the one holding his 'cock' always talks about girls, but now looking at this picture, and knowing that he has those stars everywhere, especially the hip! tells me thats he's the gay one.  Correct me if i'm wrong but no straight man has those gay stars. As a gay man, when I see those I cant helpbut say "God, thats so gay!" maybe that wrong of me, but lets face it, those stars are gay! In any case, thank god!

Friday, November 11, 2011

CfCr 90.5fm I bet you look good on the dancefloor playlist.

Teenboy squad RAP!

R.I.P. Heavy D. your boyz will miss you!
May 24, 1967 – November 8, 2011
Hits from the bong - Cypress Hill
My Lovin - En Vogue
Kick your Game - TLC
Rappin 2 U - Das Racist
Drop the Needle & Let your backbone slide - Maestro Fresh Wes
Thank you Baby - Betty Wright

The Magic number - De La Soul
Into the Groove - Madonna
Janet - New Look
Big Poppa - Notorious BIG

Friday, November 4, 2011

Nov.3rd radio playlist!

Garden River - Elliot Brood
Reitschule- Do make say Think
Omg - The Streets
American Daydream - Electric Guest ****
Chain Music - Wale
Brite - Sir Micheal Rocks
Wits - Bronze
Twin Primes - Mike Patton
Blue Parade, Playing cards with Judas, Lucky Me - Sarah Slean
How it ended (jeremy summer camp mix) - The Drums
I think the world of you - Two Wounded Birds ****
Shotgun f.Danny Brown & Roc Marcino - Quelle Chris
Playtime- Junior Boys
Flesh for Fantasy - Billy Idol

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oct.14th setlist.

haha, i know im late with this, but whatever.

Special I bet you look good on the dancefloor Presentation of...
One of the best albums ever!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Jem and the holograms Lesbian Kiss?>>>

Ok so I recently downloaded the whole series, I'm only done season one, but I remember all the reasons I loved it as a kid, and they are all still valid. If you've seen the movie But I'ma cheerleader or are a big homo like me, then you'll know what a root is. I'm pretty sure this is mine! hehe.  Their outrageous outfits, mishaps, bubblegum pop songs, the very 80's feel, the classic animation, and The Misfits (yes, their songs are better!) So anyways, I was watching and stoned in my bed, thinking how progressiv Jem was for the times, I saw a couple of things that proved this to be true... Not only did they have a Jem boy in the crowd with a Jem shirt(totally me/ totally a cute little gay man in training) they seem to have a lesbian couple kissing in joy that the Holograms triumphed over the evil misunderstood Misfits...I took a screen cap to be sure, but now the choice is yours.... Can you see them? dressed in yellow, and they are two of the starlight orphan girls, so semi regulars on the show, weeeeeeeeeee! It's Showtime Synergy!

Ianto + Jack = tru love 4eva!

Some couples in tv history are just meant to be together no matter what. The J & I love story took over three seasons to bloom, and one tragic unmerciliss moment to tear it apart. Ianto was once asked by his sister if he was gay, he said no, it was just Jack! I just put my hand to my sentimental heartstrings! Now hear are ust a few pics of some other hopelessly tragic true lover couples, that were torn apart by cruel writers and fate...

Brenda and Dylan original 90210, guess you shouldn't have gone to Paris Brenda!
Angel and Cordy, yes Cordelia not Buffy!
Sam and Diane

Roseanne and Dan, he died in the end, it was sad!

Tara and Willow

'was no miracle for series 4 of Torchwood

To say that I was delightfully surprised at how the new Torchwood series was handled would be a bold face lie!  Granted Russel T.Davies was onbored and it did seem like he had a lot of control, however this is not Torchwood. It was a seriously poor take ona true vision.  Sure it had its moments,it's chilling, hair raising, tear rolling down your cheek moments, but in ten shiney episodes they were were just too few and far between.

Veiwers and I'm sure the producers were hoping for something a little like season 3 mini series Children of Earth. Unlike Earth which had 5, 90min episodes, to Miracle Days ten at 50 min a pop, you'd think that they wouldnt need to take such giant steps to get from one plotline to another.  The american characters were washed out and stereotypical, I've seen enough NYPD Blue to know! Mekhi Phiffer as tough c.i.a agent, and Alexa whatever her last name is is def no Tosh!!  Even Jack and Gwen our only original cast members left seem out of place. Maybe it's america? No, that whole Gwens father plotline was sooo boring! and that was in Wales!
So 8 episodes of buildup, Lauren Ambrose is an awesome guest role, slightly saved this thing for me, though I did keep hopeing she would be slightly more intersting. Bill Pullman had his moments for sure...We even got a visit from Nana Visitor (major Kira ST-DS9, idiot)!

 Alot of people complain about main character and hero Captain Jack Harkness being too gay. When he was first introduced way back during Christopher Ecclestons reign as the 9th Doctor in the rebooted series in 2005, he claimed he was everythingsexual, in his last moments he kissed the doctor!  That was pretty big in tv and who history! I know I definatly rewound a couple times. Eventually through the years tho it's only ever been men. Alonso (Russel Tovey), Ianto Jones (Gareth David Lloyd), to name a few important ones. So basically he became another hero of sorts. The only gay sci-fi action hero!! well that I know of, feel free to prove me wrong... And when you partner with an american cable network, prepare for the sex!!  I was definatley pleased with the way the handled this issue of sexuality, and the hot steamy sex scenes! They didnt shy away from that some wished they would have. Garuntteed we didn't hear that much flack for the Vera and Mekhi scene, which went on a little too long in my opinion! aha! p.s. Poor poor Vera!! Oh well deny all you want homosexuality is in! and in the end of Torchwood it always go back to Jack! and sure he may like to try everything, but just because I try the fish, doesnt mean my favorite still isnt the chicken!
So by the end when you finally get to see 'the miracle' its so underwhelming, that even though it's interesting and solid, you just wish somehow their was more to it than that. Like the new Doctor who series you just want it to be on the same level it has always been, not slipping! You know its better than this!!

It sarted to quickley and ended the same way, with alot of boring fillar! I feel like their shoulda have been another couple of episodes, it ended on a lousy cliffhanger! Now with Russel doing his new show about gay men(thank god) tentativley titled Cucumbers, and knowledge that Miracles days ratings were less than stella, and no gossip about another series, will the bitter taste of Miracle day be the last from Torchwood? Or will the BBC take it back completley for series 5, where in they must ask Freema Agyeman aka Martha Jones the best companion evar!!! to come back. Oh the possibilities and conspiracies.  Maybe Ruseel is just tired of doing aliens and the like, Cucumbers may be a good regenerative process! either way, I'm glad they didnt do more than 10 episodes cause all in all they probably got about 1 full good one! Pity!   also they should have used the theme song!!!

Pulling out all the stops for FM-Phasis 2011!

Since I do volunteer radio every year we must take the time and become incessently annoying with our asking for your hard earned muney! It seems like everyone is doing the same time of year, just before the holidays, when they ask for even more $$$!  We may not like it, but I do enjoy being on the radio. 
This week I wanted to open with one of my favorites lil skits, a scene from Gregg Araki's 1997 Nowhere.
The Valley girl scene, down in herstory as the best valley girl scene ever, sorry Alicia!

Now it was also a happy birthday to a)Billie 'why you gotta play that song so loud' Piper and 
b) my sister, so she wanted to hear sum ol skool Salt n Pepa, so
None of yo buisness dusted off its soxs!
Relying on old Classiks I told the listeners what they could get for 10 dollars, and then so did tM.I.A.

 Teenboy squad -Lipstick face
Billionaire- Peaches feat.Shunda K.
Because we want to -Billie
 Free Fantasy
So far
This is where the sun is -Feral Children mini concert
Back lot - Elliot Brood
Vogue - Madonna
A man/me/then Jim - Rilo Kiley
Uh oh- Lumidee
Underground - Kimya Dawson
Poison - Bel Biv Devoe

Friday, September 16, 2011


R.I.P. Frances!

This old lady pops up in everything.  I knew her before she played Pheobe from the future on Charmed.

Sept 15th, 2001

Kool Keith will be in my town on Monday, so I peeped sum shit! Love this album cover, look at those legz!

Now sometimes, when it's a special mood, I like to play an audio drama. radio play, Specifically sci fi. This week is ....
Feat, the 8th Doctor Paul McGann. Only appeared in the made for tv movie in 96, but has voiced the Doctor in at least two series of radio plays. He has also the title of longest running Doctor, in between the time of the 7th Doctor's regeneration the the new 2005 series with Christopher Eccleston.  His companion Charley, gangsters, and Orsen Wells, make for an intriging and satisfying way to spend some time.
PARTS 1,2,&3. part 4 next week!! the big FM FASIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ring those phones!

Friday, September 9, 2011


Home -Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros for Jono!
Hearts Rar mix - I Break Horses
Drunk like that - Spoek Mathambo and Cerebral Vortex
Bricks f.Curly Castro - Starky
No other word f. Talib Kweli - Lostribe
Well Well Well dub - Grace Jones
Dr.Gonzo Anthem - Crookers
Crush on an earthling - Ras G
In a sweet song - Supreme Dicks
Harm - The Dead Leaves
Came Along - Amtrac
Laughing Buddha - Planet:Electrified
Trumpalump (quiet mix) - Dels
Lucky day - Nicola Roberts ***

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nicola and her Lucky Day

2nd single from Girls Aloud member Nicola Roberts. Not as brash as Cheryl, not as boring as Nadine. This shy ginger is definatley dancing to the beat of her own drum, thank god! Her outfit is so cute in this video, the shadow effects are brilliant, and the songs not half bad. Her album Cinderella eyes is due out at the end of September. I'll def purchase this one on itunes.

Friday, September 2, 2011

CfCr setlist Sept.1.2001

Last week I missed the 10th aniversery of Aaliyah's tragic death, I was wasted. So this week I am paying tribute.
Now smoothly moving to a different artist, but so old skool....
JJ and Ne-Yo - We can't stop
Amy Winehouse- Valerie
Gorrilaz - The Joplin Song
Two Door Cinema Club (RAC remix)
Mutya -Real Girl
Tone Loc - Wild Thing
Cazwell - All over your face
Eric B & Rakim - Paid in Full coldcuts mix

R.I.P Aaliyah!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

holy shit!

In a stunning case of never thought it would happen...

I hope Amelle and Heidi are scared! Jade will do aright, she hasnt been that tainted by the band yet, just enough so that if things do go south, her solo stuff will at least do decently in the uk.  So now we wait for this litte thing to play out...I mean the sugafakes may apeal or sum shit, so we'll see.   I am very happy about this! Now the originals better do something! or else... hehehabwahahahah

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Like Ren and Stimpy!

If your a fan of DC, or not, you'll def want to check this out! It's so good I watched it many times in a row!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

I Bet you look good on the dancefloor Aug 18th, 2001

Sexual Eruption - Snoop
                                    Control -Tracy Lords
                                                                    Get Together- Madonna
No Pictures Please -BBU feat.Das Rascit **
                                                                    Keep it up- FannyPack
                                                                                                        Cheatin - Lil'Kim
Happy Birthday hip hop- Big K.R.I.T.
                                                          You Belong to me - Rose McGowen
                                                                                                  Sominex/Suppertime- Little Shop of Horrors
Think of me - The Phantom of the Opera
                                                              Trans Am - Futureworld
                                                                                                   GetUr Freak On -Missy
Closer- Kylie
                    Setback-The Constalations
                                                             Loser like Me- GLEE

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tina's doing her dance!

I still love S club. This feature film with only 6 seems fitting for them to end with. In a great old skool S club caper!  I've actually never seen this, but don't worry it WILL happen!  Also I new tht Jon was gay! I just felt it from the very first  S club 7 in Miami episode, way back in 1999! He was always my least favorite, but how does that go...You always hate what you recognize in yourself and arnt willing to blah blaah.  Now I love Jon, of course. Theirs always one!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday afternoon jam!

YoungAvengers:Childrens Crusade issue 6

Chalk full of goodies for everyone! This series featuring the young Avengers, the Avengers, Dr. Doom, and many more has kept me on my toes for months!  I just got through the last three issues, having to wait is horrible. But I need more than one issue at a time.  So The Young Avengers specifcally Wiccan (my dreamdate) has found the Scarlet witch only she has no memory of that, she is meerly Wanda Maximoff and she is about to marry Victor Von Doom. The Avengers come crashing in talking about killing her, Wolverine gets pretty close. Exciting cameos in all three issues.  I never knew their was a wonder man, and where did ms.Marvel come from, I thought Rouge absorbed her powers? or was that just in the cartoon. haha.  Getting to the comic book world late I don't know these things. However I really would like to read the issues where this all originally goes down.
 Back at Avengers manor, Wanda regains her memories after Billy's urging. I dont wanna go into too much detail if you would like to read it, ya know.  She seems like shes ready to pop! uh-oh...  You can really feel for her when she finally gets to tell her side. Isn't that how it always is Wanda, I feel ya sista!
  Iron lad is back from the future, Ant man is alive, and we get to see another super hero team, with another power gay couple Shatterstar and Rictor from X-Factor!! So fitting to see them in this series. So basically the Scarlet Witch wants to see if she reverse her original spell, the very powerful three little words she uttered before causing mutant genocide! "No more mutants." gives me shutters.
However one small victory doesnt let Wanda off the hook for everything, even though she was emotionally distressed at the time, and wasn't acting rationally. I mean she was going through sum shit, let her be Avengers!, But also are AntMan and Hawkeye the members she killed before?  Either way, we've seen beast in the last couple issues, now beofre the last frame we see the rest of his x-men cohorts! Cool!
But Matty Sleaze has got ALOT of catching up to do, trying to figure out who's on who's team etc, in the comic world is like being a lesbian in the dating world,  messy!

Friday, July 29, 2011

I bet you look good on the dancefloor setlist july 28th, 2011

                                       Amy Winehouse Back to Black dubstep mix
                                                         RIP Amy, welcome to club27!
Another tragic death track to follow...
La Roux Skrillex mix In for the Kill 
B.E.P. Skrillex mix Rock that Body
and this track went out to me and my pal Kris it was my request for my birthday!

Fischerspooner Emerge
FannyPack feat.Mr.Vegas Fire Fire
Gorillaz Shy Town 
Skrillex Kill Everybody
This next one went out to my homies down in Somalia

Girls Aloud Biology
Tupac Hit em up *requestline
A.Dd+ Jumper cables
Nirvana Something in the way
The Cranberries Zombie
Peter Bjorn and John (strokes cover) Is this is?
Spice Girls IF U Can't Dance

True Blood,S4epi4

oK so I'm still watching this trainwreck of a season. However I was plesantly surprised with this last installment. Despite the whole Sookie and Eric in love thing.  The story seemed to be cohesive. The characters were reacting how they should be, and not going off on some weird unconsistant tangent.  However, just how long was Jason gone for? it seemed like weeks to me, but I guess it was only like a day or two? lame.  His dreams were pretty cool tho. I love it when humans trip on V blood.  Hoight and Jason yeah.  I heard Alan wanted to turn someone gay this year...please be jason please be jason please be jason! or Sam, or Eric!

  Lafyette and Jesus packing up because now not only is Eric after them but Pam too.  It never sat well with me the whoe Lafyette freaking because Eric was coming after them, because no he really wasn't. As soon as he gets his memor back...maybe. Which is why it's ok now, I never thought of it before! It was still outta left feild. Now they're in Mexico to also invoke the spirit. Listen boys, it didnt work for Marnie, it didnt work  for Fairuza in the Craft, it aint gonna work for you. Bye Bye Jesus!

  The part that really made this episode was when Sookie was doing the undercover!  It was great to see some comedy.  In the bar, and then to the main witch in her shop.  Best line of the night "You know my favorite shows growing up were Sabrina and Charmed." Sookie Stackhouse.  bwahahahahahahaha! Charmed shout out. when she was growing up tho? whoa those shows are old! I still watch Charmed Sookie!

  Also the whole Bill incest thing was hilarious! and I actually can't wait till Sunday! for a change.



Tho one is just as good as the other. Their was somthing about the latter that just moved me in my special place a lil mo! So apparently Rose McGowen is out on the the whole Red Sonja remake. She had been attached since 2009, but due to delay after delay, everyone pretty much forgot about it. Until I saw that she was in the new Conan movie. I thought oh Red Sonja cameo, but no figgin way. She plays some weirdo witch battle queen. Their are rumors that Megan Fox will replace her, but Rose just fit so well! She tweeted that it was either Conan or Sonja. And you chose Conan!? ok Rose... Damn!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Check out this crazy old footage from something the original Sugababes did.  This is very weird to me, they're doing intros for some talk show. They're brilliant live! I even love that Keisha slip where she goes low to high. No offense to Heidi, but she's just not good live. When Siobhan left we all just had to settle for Heidi. That's why the new sugababes (no need to capitolize the s) will always be a group, and the originals have solo stuff.  I heard a rumor that Keisha, Mutya, and Siobhan have all spoken and get on now. I'm sure I don't beleive it, but want to!!!!  You know what Matty's talking about!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Harvey is really giving it the ol collage try! With sexy dancers in the back and that fitting tuxedo, what more could you want? A run down of all the astrological signs of course.  Thanks to Aunty Esther and Special K for showing me this classic!  weird Al meets leonard cohen meets whos that third guy I'm thinking of...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Best duet couple!

Sure their are tons of great duet artists around. George and Mutya, Aladdin and Jasmine,Kenny and Dolly. Taking top billing in my spot tho are so smooth Nelly and the divine ms.Kelly. I can't ever stop bouncing to these jams. Dilema has the fabulous Patti LaBelle in a cameo, hahaha! Kelly also branching out from Beyonce, thank God! (like those Destiny's Child ladies like to do so often) Also Nelly, I got speacial ways to thank you!
They better do a trilogy! haha!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

HAPPY birthday Charisma!

Undeniabley the most underrated actress/character in the whole Buffyverse. She spent 7 years playing Cordelia "Queen C' Chase on Buffy and Angel. Only to foil Joss Wheadon's plans for making her the big bad of season 4 on Angel, and then being put in 'a coma' only to come back for one truley amazing episode to die! I'm not even gonna go there. FUCK YOU JOSS! There are so many rumours about what happend, like Joss and co couldn't find any new directions for her character, she wanted to spend time with her baby, blah blah.  Cordy had tons of life still in her, and if your he creative genius everybody talks you up as Joss you would have found a way.  

She hasnt had any real big time stuff since, but she's appeared in lots of tv movies, some good. A three episode stint on Charmed, ooh lala! and she played on the Alicia Silverstone cancelled show Miss Match. 
She has even appeared in playboy, which I still need to get that issue! bad bad fanboy!

 I am so geeky my friend Jaime wrote ms.Carpenter for my birthday one year and I still have her picture with her signiture, Best wishes Charisma. Thos I'm sure it's just a photocopy, but It's still one of my most prized posessions.  I always loved Cordelia from the very first episode I saw of Buffy. Which coincidentaly, was at my g-ma's house(cause I never had cable at the time) was her first big episode. Out of mind Out of sight. About an invisble nerd bent of making popular Cordy's life miserable, and so begins my obsession! Cordelia 'don take no shit from nobody' Chase. Cordy was never a main character until she went to Angel (which is far superior than Buff) and blossomed. She still had her mad zingers, but she was also a hero!
I'm pretty sure were both Leo's too since my bday is only ten days after hers! So happy birthday Charisma. lets party!

the Amazing SpiderMan...

is looking mighty fine!  I know I know, I better loosen up that wrist. Andrew Garfeild much better choice than Toby. Only thing is no James Franco!  With these contant new incarnations of beloved characters Im always a little nervous with casting choices, i.e. Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in the new Batman. Tho I actually hate, and I do mean hate these new Christopher Nolan Batman Movies.  I long for the day of Burton and Shumacher. Yes I said Shumacher. I loves me sum Alicia and George.  Also Bono has absolutley nothing to do with this Spiderman! Thank you Lord! 

Shoulda been...

This is only a taste, of the proposed Buffy animated series. After the live action ended Joss and company really wanted to do this. Their was a whole season of episodes aswell. It would have gone back to Buffy's roots. hIGH SCHOOL IS HORROR.  All of the original players would be back, i.e Cordelia and Angel. Plus Dawn would have been added to the mix. That would have been interesting, even tho Dawn is by far the worst character ever! She was nice in season 5 as 'the key', but afterwords she should have just faded away. Joss said they shopped it around to a few networks but nobody wanted it....WHAT! It would have made a great saturday morning cartoon, or late at nite. Regardless my only critisim of this sample is that it totally doesnt have my home girl Queen C. Sure she's mentioned at least. Seriously the most underated character ever!   I wish alot of my stories were in both live action and cartoon. Charmed springs to mind!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Speaking of...

Generic, the 4th lineup of the Sugababes unveiled their new single Freedom, on T4 on the beach below is a clip of the live show.  Bless their hearts for trying. Together they still sound amazing, Jade doesn't do too many runs. I know that girl lacks tact sometime. Tho save for the original babes the new kids live show was never that great. The track itself is a power song the babes are known for. Dance and dubstep, two of my favorite things.  All in all I'll definatley still love the Sugababes, just because i'm a loyalist. I always said I would love it if a group that I liked would be around for as long as I am...maybe these bitches are it. As much as I don't like the lineup changes, evolution, right. The original babes just got too big to be in a group.  Tho after they have all had their seperate time, one word in capitol letters...REUNION!

Wanna have the fellas locked on Ice!

Holy catfights and spotlights Fagman! It's Keisha Buchanan! Getting us primed for her solo debut, the former Sugababe reminds us to watch our backs. This means you, Heidi, Amelle and Jade!  Taking no prisoners, having no time for the generic, this track once again reminds me why the original suga's were so brilliant.
Siobhan,Keisha,Mutya the Onetouch Sugababes.

   Take a look at all three's solo stuff, Siobhan's left feild indie-emopop, Mutya's soul/rnb, and Keisha's dancehall esque/club track all super different and full. I think ms.Buchanan is taking tips from ms.Rowland, haha. Real artists, all bringing something different to the game. Then one by one being replaced by record company finds, when originaly they formed organically, more or less.
  New track Gimme Preasure, show us the power house voice is back, with that certain Keisha swag, we miss in the babes. Tho their new track forever should be an interesting listen, in it's entirerty, and not just the nokia clip.  Gimme is loaded with catchy hooks, and funny lines,and it's def real. It's a snap if your a diva song, which will def play well in the club, mirror, on the feel me?

Friday, July 15, 2011

I Bet you look good on the dancefloor playlist July 15th/2011

I like to keep it real and fresh, haha, plus I'm totally in geek love!! forever and for always, just like Shania. I only played the first couple then launched into the theme!! Which i must say is top 5 for sure with best tv theme. That guitar rift, you know!

Now around these prarie parts, we dont get too many bands from over the pond. i.d. the place where I should be living. So when i heard this next band was playing a gig, i did a little dance, and made a little love! The song that started it all...

                                               Kate Nash - I just love you more
                                              Girls - Sunshine
                                            Superhuminoids(Cosmic Kids mix) - Mirros

Special Prentation:TORCHWOOD:Lost souls original radio production.
This episode takes place sometime after the season 2 finale, and before Children of Earth, obviously.  Their were really sad moments when the others felt guilty about Toshiko and Owen. Two of the best Torchwood characters, WTF Russel! The best characters are usually the most underated and least respected! i.e. Charisma 'Cordelia Chase' Carpenter, of Buffy and Angel.
The story was pretty solid and creepy, so I must give this a bigs thumbs up, and not just for miss.Martha Jones.

Now we needs to shake it up!
 Red Martinez - The One
Cazwell - IceCream Truck
Arctic Monkeys -She's Thunderstorms
Thanks for listening everybody!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Episode 1

Ok so by now Im sure everyone has seen this first new episode.  Everyone was worried the americans would ruin our much beloved british Torchwood and they have, but only slightly.  Spoilers ahead! The season starts off with nice guy Bill Pullman about to be executed for being a child pedolfile, he doesn't die. We soon discover far to easily and quickley that no one on earth has been dying for the last 24hours. Cut to the big CIA headquarters, where they are randomly searching for Torchwood.  The new cia agent who I've already forgotten her, is adequate as blonde bimbo lead, chatting to Mekhi Phifer when he gets into an accident himself! This leads to blond bimbo having the mission.  Cut to thank god, Torchwood original Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) and Rhys (Kai Owen) in their secluded home with their baby girl. As much as I never liked Gwen in the series, as everyone got killed off she was the only one left in the end and I'm glad. Which Captain Jack(John Barrowmen) also notes, so good job Starz.
  So I dont really remember what happened in the end of season 3 Children of Earth, but I guess Gwen and the rest of 'Torchwood' are on the run and in hiding. Cause Children of Earth was some crazy ass shit too!  So everything seems nice and innocent in Gwens life, except for the fact that shes become a paranoid mommy, with mr and mrs. smith like closets full of weapons. Rightfully so, it isnt long into the episode that Gwen and co are discoverd and they must flee back to Cardiff.
Intercut with the bad new american story. Mekhi Phifer is totally ruining this for me. His bad acting is making me long for the days when he had at least Brandy to wing man for him.  Blonde bimbo leadS first run in with Captain Jack is a great sequence. Where in the end she drinks the amnesia shake and forgets the whole thing anyway. Classic Torchwood! But it's a good way for Captain Jack to return
The moment I knew this was still going to be good was the moment I started to cry.  When Gwen's dad (who's in the hospital) says, "isn't this what you do?" Gwen admits "she doesnt know what to do!"  I dont know why this got to me, maybe because Torchwood is never shy to really hit you where it hurts. Which is why this series is so solid.  So much darker than Doctor Who, with it's elleventh doctor and show runner Stephan Moffat in a bit of a I've seen this all before funk.  Torchwood still seems fresh. Maybe that's because Russel T. Davies is involved!!!!
So in the end Mekhi finds Jack and Gwen in a great rocketlauncher chase sequence and surrounds them with a police force and says he's taking them back to the states! Cause no one in England needs them!  Meanwhile can't be convicted of the same crime twice Bill Pullman is released from prison. I'm really looking forward to seeing his character cause some shit. It gives me the creeps already. The whole episode I felt uneasy and restless! Which is how i felt after Black Swan. So after the 10 episodes i'm probably gonna have the best orgasm of my life!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Guillermo Diaz

This openly gay actor has made his mark playing macho heterosexual men. From Weeds to Halfbaked, to the I knew it was going to be cancelled No Ordinary family. The only role I've seen him in where he is actually gay is in of course Gregg Araki's Nowhere. Of course I have also done my research and that isn't the only role he's done that has been gay. He's a great character actor! Who'd have known! not me certainly. He just pops up when you least expect him. Like in the new Britney Spears video! Where in the backround the movie theater is playing Crossroads 2:Cross Harder, So brilliant. Britney uses a quote that I use all the time from Halfbaked...

So Guillermo your my new celebrity crush, how does it feel?

I bet you look good on the dancefloor setlist july 7th, 2011

How soon is now - The Smiths

For the 2nd time in the history of this radio show I have switch theme tunes. As Miracle Day is starting this saturday!!!
Going to the chapel - The Dixie Cups
*request for Yoshi and Brandon (and Surface! if your from saskatoon you'll know)Do Wrong - Lil Kim and Twista
Untouchable - Girls Aloud
Don't play no games that I can't win f.Santigold - Beastie Boys/Major Lazer edit
Side Chick - Sugababes
Taken for a fool - The Strokes

Beat of my Drum - Nicola Roberts



These guys get my golden boner award! and trust me that's a good thing!
Loaded - Smoke DZA *
Lust for Life- Girls
I will follow him - Little Peggy March

Tv Theme Switch up! vol.1

I love being a fanboy, and having a community in which I can  discover other fans with the same vision as I. As hours pass by I realize I have wasted them on these incredible gems!

and definatley my two favorites together...

and the famed spinoffs that in time have totally surpassed the original...

sorry adam, it's too awesome not to share.

and now the pick of the litter!!

Asian babies are so adorable!

<a href='' target='_new' title='Kid Performs Katy Perry'>Video: Kid Performs Katy Perry</a>

Monday, June 27, 2011

Season 4 Premier!

Alright, so the wait is finally over! You either love or hate this series. I love it!  The season starts off with Sookie going into the fairy realm. Where we quickly learn that everything is not what it seems. The fairies who look like real hot humans, eventually turn into these weird goblin like creatures. In this first epic battle of fairy magic, which didn't really make sense. Besides the fact that they wanted a big opener.  Sookie escapes back to the mortal realm and realizes she has been gone one year.  I really hate that when tv shows go the 5 years in the future thing. 
  So now Jason is a cop, Andy the sherrif is addicted to vampire blood, and Tara is a lesbian cage fighter named Toni. Wiggity wiggity wack.  This season better go better places! The only thing that saved it was the witches and Lafyette! Still going strong Lafyette and Jesus. Jesus takes L to one of his wicca gatherings where some weird posession shit happens. So apparently Lafyette is a witch. I love witches! espcially hot gay man witches.  
  Eric is still super hot, Bill is still super annoying, but he is king of Louisiana.  Jessica and Pam have some good stuff too.  Pam trying or rather not trying to do the psa for vamp acceptance is hilarious. All dry and like who cares( Pam gets it), and when Eric steps in all charming and hot, honestly I just want to rub my cock everytime he comes on the screen!! All in all it ended witha good enough cliffhanger for me to be like 'WHAT'!  But sadly it felt that the best seasons of the show were behind us. So we will see what the future holds for Alan Ball and tru Blood.