Monday, January 31, 2011

BEING HUMAN UKvsUS No contest!

original uk 

I just have a couple of questions.  First why do all U.s vamps now have to look like Angel? Dark, brooding, very chissldd?     2nd, Why does America feel the need to steal those uk gems? (well I know why, because no one does it like the brits)  and if they must, they should at least make it worthy to carry out the original name and concept.  Today I'm seeing more and more british series being translated for the U.S market. Skins, Shamless, Being human, are the most recent.

Being Human, created by Toby Whithouse, about a ghost, vampire and werewolf all living as flatmates, practising the art of 'being human' whatever that means.  Uk series has two seasons under it's belt, before the U.S. jumped on the bandwagon, too late it already was a smash hit(in the uk).  So even tho the U.S. creators have good intentions by wanting to do this series, my suspicions were raised.  Nothings as good as the original in anything, especially brits to americans   {tho my friend shav might disagree ;)  }.  The Original Uk version is dry, Old school camp, and hopelessly romantic, while throwing in the supernatural elements slowly and at a pace that seems right. You want more, but it doesnt happen until you least expect it, SURPRISE! The special effects hold tru to the original artwork created years ago with animotronics, and I can really feel for the characters....

Unlike the US. version which boasts cgi effects and more. As I watch, knowing I wont like it, but secretly hoping I will, I am torn. The characters seem too washed out,  like I've seen it all before and I'm bored.  However only two episodes, we'll still have to wait and see, tho the answer is clear!  Brits have more substance!

So series 3 of the Uk version has two new episodes out, and is already blowing the 'fresh' U.S version OUT THE WATER!  here's a little promo clip.
(bet you didn't know that Russel Tovey (George the werewolf) is an out and proud gay man, Sweet!)

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