Wednesday, February 9, 2011


    I love it that when I watch my porn clips online, I hear mention of not one but two british girl groups.  Now when I say porn I do mean GAY porn. Dont get it twisted, every so often I do wonder.  In this instance the site I was visiting was lollipop twinks, (pause for hilarity!) I love the set up to the sex! I need a story. So anyways these two twinks chillin on the bed, ones listening to headphones, the other asks what he's listening to, ANSWER: the Saturdays!  New pop group consisting of a few members from S club kids! hahahaha! anyways if your into pop this is quality stuff!  They get into an argument about the difference between being gay and being a fag. Then they mention the Spice girls! (who I travelled to see at Madison Square Gardens, New york baby!!). Anyways then they started making out, and well you know what happend next!


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