Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My name is Annie, and 2 years ago i died...

The ending monologue's first line Lenora Crichlow aka 'Annie' delivers at the end of Being Human series 3 premier episode titled 'Lia'.  Yes the season opening was everything i had hoped for and more. After the season 2 finale left me in shock, Herrick being revived, Annie finally getting caught by death, and Mitchell doing the same old remorsful routine, I was  ready for some answers!

  The episode starts off innocently enough, with George, Nina,and Mitchell looking at a new flat in Wales. It is light and brings us back to to the fun loving comic side of being human.  However things are cut short when the Annie appears on the t.v. calling for help on the other side, Mitchell goes on a mission to find her.  There he meets a girl named Lia, who might i say would make a fine addition to the roster! She teases Mitchell and talks about riddles as the pair go from room to room in 'Mitchell death hallway'. Looking at past events in Mitchell's life and finding clues as to where Annie is.  Realizing at the end Lia is also one of his victims, Mitchell finally realizes he needs to stop hiding and blaming others for his own mistakes.  Lia goes to Annie and tells her Mitchell is waiting. She also says that they would make a cute couple. EW GROSS. Why do they always have to complicate things by hooking up characters.  Also it bugs me when they start to date in real life (just a rumor at this point). This is why hollywood is incestuos  and messy!

Meanwhile George and Nina have some great comedic scenes in this one. Which is a change from the depressed, solom, sometimes annoying Nina of season 1 and 2. George gets arrested for sex in a park (Torchwood alum Kai Owen guest stars), just before the full moon, Nina come to rescue him but as the moon gets higher, and they both start to feel the inner beast rise to the surface, they must hold back for as long as they can. Which makes for some pretty funny physical comedy!

In the end all is happy and content, for now.  I was left feeling very satisfied and a little concerned. Annies speech wrapped up everything nicley, but gave an ominous tone for the rest of the series.  New set,  New villians in the form of a father and son werewolf duo (they could be allies at this point aswell, anybody's guess).   I did think that Annie being sucked into deaths doorway would have some sort of better conclusion besides, 'your free to go' but I suppose they were running out of time, and perhaps nothing would have satisfied me... Excepts episode number 2!  

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