Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the Authority.

Apollo and Midnighter.

Fez's are Cool!

The new series starts at Easter, and I wish I lived in good ol London town so I could see the first couple of epis before their official release. Also the space channel, is showing them the same date as BBC, and BBCAmerica, so us lowly Canadians wont have to wait till its done to get it.  However I cut my cable recently, so that doesn't matter to me anymore, but for those who it does effect, I feel ya bra!  So below is the series 6 trailor, and a scene from the series premier 'The Impossible Astronaut'. Penned by show runner Steven Moffat.  Not as brilliant as Russel T.Davies (the man who brought it back originally in '05, also did original Queer as Folk) but the Doctor and his Tardis are like heroine! 
Also I've heard a rumor that a certain ms.Billie Piper will be making another triumphant return to the role that made her, ROSE TYLER! However I'm taking that lil' tidbit wit a grain of salt.

Friday, March 25, 2011

need that, want that!

Temperature sensitive Tardis mugs! Need I say more

Diamond Rings Special Affections

Saw this guy John play last night at Amigos, WOW! AMAZING! What a performer! He had me entranced the whole time, and standing on a not so sturdy chair.   Gave him a high five after the show, while the rest of my friends chatted him up! Super nice guy, not narcissistic (which he totally could be).  So thanks Diamond Rings for being cool, playing cool music, and actually being something worth getting outta da house fo!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 17 2011

Billie Piper- Because we want to  (dedicated to all the haters! boy i dedicate too many tracks to them!)
Peaches f.Taylor Savvy -Stuff me up
Metric Maur Due & Lichter remix - Sick Muse
DIAMOND RINGS go green mix - AllYr Songs
Kate NASH interview courtesy of OUT.COM
Kate Nash -Don't you want to share the guilt
Lykke Li- Youth Knows no pain
DIAMOND RINGS -Something Else
Girls Aloud -Sound of the Underground
The Strokes -Barely Legal
Girls- Summertime
DIAMOND RINGS- Show me your stuff
Hunx and his Punx -Dontcha want me back
Bear Hands -High Society (andreas lust remix)
Discovery -Can you discover

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sunday comes afterwards!

I know this may be a little much to take at first, but just bear with it. You'll see the joy, or hilarity!  At first, I couldn't figure out if she was trying to be serious or not, but she is...dead serious.  Also that rap bit!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dempsey Stearns

                                                One of my favorite internet stars!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

One thing you have to know about me is, I am very particular.  Though some may beg to differ.  I am always on the search for queer elements in almost anything.  So when I asked Theo if their was any gay superheros he could recommend, he hadn't a clue. Thankfully Farley (his helper) knew about this new superhero team.  The Young Avengers!  Each of whom patterns himself or herself after a member of the long-established Marvel superhero team the Avengers.  The stories are pretty much your standard comic book adventures. The young kids trying to prove that they are worthy of the title of 'Young Avengers', stopping world invasions, good vs evil and the moral dilema that goes with, etc.

But here is where it pulls you in...The love story between Hulkling (shapeshifter) and Wiccian (son of the Scarlett Witch).  It's almost too sweet!  At first pick up you think, 'ok everyones straight' then one of the members makes a side comment about Wiccan(formerly Asguardian). Something about he should change his name, you know Ass-guardian.  Either way I squealed with delight.  It's the subtlties
I enjoy.  I don't need overtly gay sexuality so long as it's addressed, and real.  Because you know what...Gay people do exist! Even if they themselves don't know. They just haven't realized their potential.  So is it too much to ask for their to be more recognition in the world! Especially in the world of superheros, because lets face it, their pretty gay already.

Teddy and Billy two of the most romantic boys on the block.  Though my one and only complaint is that they have yet to be featured kissing!! WTF!  Regardless of this one minor oversight, the creators Allen Heinberg and Jim Cheung still do a fantastic job, to flesh out the boys seperately and as a couple. At first i wish they adressed it more, but after reading the entire series, it seems like they are slowly becoming the focus.  However i'm sure everyone with get their time to shine.  Also do you notice that their names are Bill and Ted (excellent adventure!) hahaha.  I wonder if they did that on purpose, cause Keanu's such a dream?

The comic has won a GLAAD media award for outstanding comic book 2006, and a Harvey award for best new series.  This is no short feat.  Granted, are their new comic books coming out on the regular of this type anymore?  The only other one I can think  of is The Authority. Which I'll get into later. So I suppose if your looking for something like this, to which there are too many layers to discuss on this blog, pick it up and talk amongst yourselves!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

How it Should have been!

We all know my home girl Shannen D has a bad rep. Shannen I can relate! So Charmed marked the 2nd Aaron Spelling show she got the boot from. Why? Cause hatas gon hate!   This video is like my perfect world.  What if Alyssa had gotten kicked off, for her bad acting? etc. I think Charmed could have gone alot more places had Shannen, Rose McGowen and Holly Marie Combs been the charmed ones. It would have been darker more dramatic show, but still retained it's quirkey camp.  It got very tweenie and predictable with Alyssa as lead witch. Watching the old episodes with Shannen you can feel more of a connection. They just have these great moments of ad libs, which you just don't see without her. Plus SHANNEN IS DA SHIT!

Even tho I greatly enjoy how the show turned out (except for that dreadful last season).  I'll always wonder what should have been. But don't they say destiny always has a reason.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Gemini's Twin

This is an old school skit from Saturday night live. Also when I say old sckool I mean my old skool, like 2000. hahaha. Anyways the Amazing Maya Rudolph and Ana Gasteyer poke jabs at one of my favorite groups Destiny's Child and their ever changing line up. Tho looking back now, it didnt change that much compared to some girl groups who shall remain nameless *cough sugababes *cough.  As Jonette and Britanica the two would incorporate hip-hop slang into their conversations in inappropriate ways, often misusing intellectual words or making up new words altogether: "It's time to get musicational!" "Our music comes from a very emotionary place." Its all about flava!  Cause you know they come from scarsdale, but they real sweet on the inside.  They rip one golden jem after the other. Making fun of Beyonce's vocal runs, the fact that the other members are just for show, eating at Popeye's, and trying to be Ghetto, you know!  Usually the host of that particular week would be the ever changing third memeber, Charlize Theron was the first ever. Lucy Liu, Gwenyth, Brit Brit, Jlo(my favorite skit) and then actually Beyonce', Kelly and Michelle.  That one was like whoa! But at least DC can laugh about it.  I also remember that Peirce Brosnen hosted and was in the skit, but he wasn't very good.  They sing songs like "I'm a stewardess, and I push a cart, I'm a stewardess, Dont you break my heart" go check that one out on facebook Geminis twin we out! page. I really wish the skits were available on you tube or somewhere!!  Alas no such luck. However I did find the transcript for my favorite one The MTV Cribs episode with Jlo as Lady Speedstick.  I love this one so much I did it for my opening monologue on the radio show this week!! HAHAHA! So here it is for all of you...not as funny as seeing some of the queens of comedy doing it but...

Setlist for March10th,2011

Now this particular night was rather rough. I only had 4 hours of sleep from being up already for like a day.  I felt alright, up until i realized the first clip wasn't working properly.  It was suppose to be a a poem from Howl by Alan Ginsberg, from the movie with sexy sexy James Franco. However I cut it wrong and I used half of Alan talking and half of the poem! Shit, oh well, some of the joys at working on live radio for your local community.
Started off right with one of my fav Lily Allen tracks Friday night.
Casiotone for the painfully alone - White Corolla
Casiotone for the painfully alone feat.Nora - Hot boyz
Cyndi Lauper - Into the Night
Yoko Ono Morel edit - Move on Fast
Armin Van Buuren featSophieEllis-Bextor -Not giving up
Justice- D.A.N.C.E.
Edward Sharp and the magnetic Zeros -Home
Ravi Shankar- Mangalam
Kathy Griffin - Suck my balls part 1
Lil Kim- I'm Human
Wanda Sykes - Gay vs Black
Pharoahe Monch featStyles P& Phonte -Black hand Side
Braids - Lemonaid

Sunday, March 6, 2011

British sci fi at it`s best!  A group of community service workers get hit by an freak electrical storm and gain superpowers.  Jaw dropping, bloody hilarious and keeps my head spinning.  Two series and a christmas special have been produced, each season only has 6 episodes tho! booo! You think series one was good Series two raises it up substantially.  If your looking for somthing new, this may just be up your alley!                   Here are some of the things I enjoy about:  Sex with a monkey, who looks like a man. Sex with a pretty young thang who turns out to be an old thing (which, to each their own mate!),invisibitly and lactokinesis,  Crazy video game visuals, those man sex muscles!, Theres a great love drug episode where all there powers go a little haywire! Questions of morality, mortality, time travels who can do crazy flips! It feels like it could be happening right down the street.  It could stand to add a lil Mo tho, if ya know what I mean...


where would you fall in...

i bet you look good on the dancefloor setlist march3rd

Push the Button Sugababes
Little Respect Earasure
FAG HAG Margaret Cho
Suck my dick Lil Kim

Black Friday  Lil Kim
Of course I had to follow this up with...Notorious B.I.G. Nasty boy
Real live flesh 4ad session Tune Yards
Passion Seekers Little Tybee
Aint Nobidy Coyote remix Claire Mcguire
So Alive Blueprint
Boring Horror Gobble Gobble
Someone like you live at the Brits Adele

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