Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fez's are Cool!

The new series starts at Easter, and I wish I lived in good ol London town so I could see the first couple of epis before their official release. Also the space channel, is showing them the same date as BBC, and BBCAmerica, so us lowly Canadians wont have to wait till its done to get it.  However I cut my cable recently, so that doesn't matter to me anymore, but for those who it does effect, I feel ya bra!  So below is the series 6 trailor, and a scene from the series premier 'The Impossible Astronaut'. Penned by show runner Steven Moffat.  Not as brilliant as Russel T.Davies (the man who brought it back originally in '05, also did original Queer as Folk) but the Doctor and his Tardis are like heroine! 
Also I've heard a rumor that a certain ms.Billie Piper will be making another triumphant return to the role that made her, ROSE TYLER! However I'm taking that lil' tidbit wit a grain of salt.

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