Friday, March 11, 2011

Gemini's Twin

This is an old school skit from Saturday night live. Also when I say old sckool I mean my old skool, like 2000. hahaha. Anyways the Amazing Maya Rudolph and Ana Gasteyer poke jabs at one of my favorite groups Destiny's Child and their ever changing line up. Tho looking back now, it didnt change that much compared to some girl groups who shall remain nameless *cough sugababes *cough.  As Jonette and Britanica the two would incorporate hip-hop slang into their conversations in inappropriate ways, often misusing intellectual words or making up new words altogether: "It's time to get musicational!" "Our music comes from a very emotionary place." Its all about flava!  Cause you know they come from scarsdale, but they real sweet on the inside.  They rip one golden jem after the other. Making fun of Beyonce's vocal runs, the fact that the other members are just for show, eating at Popeye's, and trying to be Ghetto, you know!  Usually the host of that particular week would be the ever changing third memeber, Charlize Theron was the first ever. Lucy Liu, Gwenyth, Brit Brit, Jlo(my favorite skit) and then actually Beyonce', Kelly and Michelle.  That one was like whoa! But at least DC can laugh about it.  I also remember that Peirce Brosnen hosted and was in the skit, but he wasn't very good.  They sing songs like "I'm a stewardess, and I push a cart, I'm a stewardess, Dont you break my heart" go check that one out on facebook Geminis twin we out! page. I really wish the skits were available on you tube or somewhere!!  Alas no such luck. However I did find the transcript for my favorite one The MTV Cribs episode with Jlo as Lady Speedstick.  I love this one so much I did it for my opening monologue on the radio show this week!! HAHAHA! So here it is for all of you...not as funny as seeing some of the queens of comedy doing it but...

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