Saturday, March 12, 2011

How it Should have been!

We all know my home girl Shannen D has a bad rep. Shannen I can relate! So Charmed marked the 2nd Aaron Spelling show she got the boot from. Why? Cause hatas gon hate!   This video is like my perfect world.  What if Alyssa had gotten kicked off, for her bad acting? etc. I think Charmed could have gone alot more places had Shannen, Rose McGowen and Holly Marie Combs been the charmed ones. It would have been darker more dramatic show, but still retained it's quirkey camp.  It got very tweenie and predictable with Alyssa as lead witch. Watching the old episodes with Shannen you can feel more of a connection. They just have these great moments of ad libs, which you just don't see without her. Plus SHANNEN IS DA SHIT!

Even tho I greatly enjoy how the show turned out (except for that dreadful last season).  I'll always wonder what should have been. But don't they say destiny always has a reason.

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