Sunday, March 13, 2011

One thing you have to know about me is, I am very particular.  Though some may beg to differ.  I am always on the search for queer elements in almost anything.  So when I asked Theo if their was any gay superheros he could recommend, he hadn't a clue. Thankfully Farley (his helper) knew about this new superhero team.  The Young Avengers!  Each of whom patterns himself or herself after a member of the long-established Marvel superhero team the Avengers.  The stories are pretty much your standard comic book adventures. The young kids trying to prove that they are worthy of the title of 'Young Avengers', stopping world invasions, good vs evil and the moral dilema that goes with, etc.

But here is where it pulls you in...The love story between Hulkling (shapeshifter) and Wiccian (son of the Scarlett Witch).  It's almost too sweet!  At first pick up you think, 'ok everyones straight' then one of the members makes a side comment about Wiccan(formerly Asguardian). Something about he should change his name, you know Ass-guardian.  Either way I squealed with delight.  It's the subtlties
I enjoy.  I don't need overtly gay sexuality so long as it's addressed, and real.  Because you know what...Gay people do exist! Even if they themselves don't know. They just haven't realized their potential.  So is it too much to ask for their to be more recognition in the world! Especially in the world of superheros, because lets face it, their pretty gay already.

Teddy and Billy two of the most romantic boys on the block.  Though my one and only complaint is that they have yet to be featured kissing!! WTF!  Regardless of this one minor oversight, the creators Allen Heinberg and Jim Cheung still do a fantastic job, to flesh out the boys seperately and as a couple. At first i wish they adressed it more, but after reading the entire series, it seems like they are slowly becoming the focus.  However i'm sure everyone with get their time to shine.  Also do you notice that their names are Bill and Ted (excellent adventure!) hahaha.  I wonder if they did that on purpose, cause Keanu's such a dream?

The comic has won a GLAAD media award for outstanding comic book 2006, and a Harvey award for best new series.  This is no short feat.  Granted, are their new comic books coming out on the regular of this type anymore?  The only other one I can think  of is The Authority. Which I'll get into later. So I suppose if your looking for something like this, to which there are too many layers to discuss on this blog, pick it up and talk amongst yourselves!

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