Saturday, April 2, 2011

March31 ibetyoulookgoodonthedancefloor

                         dr.who opening theme/my opening theme
                         Keep on                      FannyPack
                         Get outta my Way        Kylie  (for Jenna)
                         Bad Boy                      Speech Debelle
                         Interview/To young to be in love     HUNX and his Punx
                         20 Flight                             Bosco Delrey****So Awesome!!
                         Do the Stomp (SpankRockClubMix)       The Snowdroppers
                         You know I'm no good       Wanda Jackson
Now this is where I came in talked about how former saturday night live cast member Victoria Jackson is a right wing conservative nutball.  Saying that the Glee kiss was 'sickening',  Liberals love terrorists, etc.  Which is really too bad because I always thought she was one of the funnier ones.  Too bad she thinks FOX news is the only one with the truth,  and truth is with or without religion she was going nuts!
AND rounding out the evening of music and gab...

                        Caught in a Daze feat.Freddie Gibbs   David Dallas
                        Sake' (Anoraak remix)                        Jupiter
                        Fly                                                      Tracy Lords

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