Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Those in the Dr.who universe are in a state of mourning. At age 63 after losing a battle with some type of cancer, our beloved 'Sarah Jane Smith' has passed away.  She leaves behind a great legacy!  This is so sureal for me at the moment, as I am currently just watching Tom Baker get his legs as the doctor, from the 70's.  As you know then if you get that last bit, Elisabeth Sladen is at his side. As inquisitive and some might say more courages than other companions, Sarah Jane the journalist turned doctor's sidekick could hold her own.

   Sarah’s one of those rare companions who doesn’t make any comment about the Tardis, it’s a running joke that every new person who encounters the Tardis ends up saying, “it’s bigger on the inside” not Sarah Jane though! Oh no! She doesn’t even mention it, even when the doctor tells her he’s a time lord her reaction is “I could murder a cup of tea!” That’s one of the reasons I think Sarah Janes so special, she is completely unphased by any of it, even when she realises she’s been taken back in time in The Time Warrior she’s not even worried about it, in fact by the end of the episode she was practically running the place! That’s Sarah Jane for ya!

   Returning for the new series in 06 with David Tennant as the Doctor, was my first introduction to Sarah, and I loved it. The way her and Rose(Billie Piper) fought for the top companion spot, was brilliant.  She got her own spin off show, now how many companions can we say about that in the whole history of the show (since the 1963 now!) just one other. HA I bet you thought I was gonna say no one. Just John Barrowmen and Torchwood, but he's great also! and FABULOUS! *wink wink.

So Sarah Jane, go get your story!  You will be missed!

                   Elisabeth with Doctors 4 Tom Baker(above) and #3 Jon Pertwee

"You see that! That'a a Tardis, it's a time machine.  I'll see you 10 seconds...10 seconds" Rose Tyler

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