Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's Morphin time!

Walter Jones -The Original Black Power Ranger.  After he got kicked off the show mid season 2, we didn't see much of him. Though he did move to Nickelodeon for two season of Space Cases! Another fantastic kids sci fi show. Which he starred with in the first season anyways Jewel Staite (Firefly, Stargate Atlantis, Are you afraid of the dark epis!)  Also I saw him on the halloween Buffy season 4 episode for like two scenes, he was blad and looking extremly fit!

Amy Jo Johnson, The Original Pink Power Ranger. The only actress of the series to make it out alive, with a decent career that is. She went on to star with Keri Russel in Felicity. Where also in a halloween episode, her boyfriend was seen making out with the pink power ranger. Now she appears on Flashpoint, about a swat team? I'm not too sure it looks boring to me, but she's on it!

 David Yost, the original and longest running Blue Ranger. David lasted the whole three season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as a ranger. He joined the cast still in season 4 where the show was dubbed Power Rangers Zeo. New suits, zords, powers, etc. Theirs only so much Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger footage to use. As the origial Japanese version moves on every season.  David however left the show eventually. Stating only recently that it was due to homophobic slander towards him, from various people on staff. What a shame, and also Oh Billy! who got might buff in the end...

Thuy (pronounced Twee)Trang the original and my favorite forever and for always Yellow Ranger.  She also got the boot with Walter and Austin St.John in the second season. Only to be replaced by two bit versions of themselves. They didn't even make it to the movie!  Thuy went to have a small role in one of the crow movies. Thuy tragically died in a car accident sept 3rd, 2001. She wasn't wearing her seatbelt! Amy Jo and David attended her funeral. R.I.P Trini.  Originally, actually in the weird pilot Thuy wasn't Trini. actress Audrey DuBois...where the hell are you now?

Austin St. John, as Jason the original Red Ranger. You always felt a little bad for him after Tommy came on the scene. It was as if Jason lost all his credentials. I never like Tommy anyways.  After he got the boot, for reportidley holding out for more money, he dissapeard for a while. Until he returned as the Gold Ranger in Zeo. He also made an appearance in the Turbo movie with Amy Jo Johnson.  But now I dont think he's looking so good! Sorry Jason!

 sorry for the poor quality of the clip! Go go Power Rangers!

One of the best albums ever!

These sexy english lads are just as obsessed with Doctor Who, as me!  I discovered Charlie's videos on youtube one day. You know how you tubing goes, one thing leads to another...  So Charlie had died his hair red, and I had just done that to my hair so I clicked. He had many videos, and in the process of watching he told his followers about his band Chameleon Circut.  Known to Doctor fans at the camoflage circut which is busted on the Tardis (the doctor's ship) which is why it always looks like a police public call box.  The whole album is a masterpiece, drawing from the whole history of the show. Including Galifreyan history 101, to K9's lament.  Its a Doctor who fanboy's wet dream. 
here are two of my favorite tracks...

Friday, May 27, 2011

I Bet you look good on the dancefloor playlist May 26th.             
                                                Radiohead - Spearator
Consentfest and the Slutwalk this Saturday May 27th.
Mihirangi - World Citizen
Alchoholic Faith Misiion - Got love? Got shellfish
 Billy Stewart - A Fat boy can cry
Betty Wright - Thank You
Austra (Diamond Rings remix) - Lose It
Discovery - I wanna be your boyfriend
Triad - If your looking for love
Dum Dum Girls - It only takes one night
Timbre Timbre- cReep on CreAping on
The Russian Futurists - To be honest
Blueprint - Wanna be like you

I bet you look good on the dancefloor every Thursday at 1230am till 2am onCFCR Saskatoons community radio station.  Thats I bet you look good on the dancefloor, because I bet ya do!

Monday, May 23, 2011

the old gang back together!

For a little while at least. Beyoncè got some award from Billboard, and Kelly and Michelle came to support! B even thanked the original members of DC, Letoya Luckutt, and La Tavia Roberson! Kelly looks like she's got other things on her mind tho...hmmmm, all those old feelings of being number two rushing back.  I know she does a Destiny'S Child medley at her shows too, and don't get me wrong I LUVs me sum ms.Kelly, but you know her medley isn't what B's is! At least she has the bootylicious verses! But you gotta give props, where props is due!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Secret Diary closes...

  Billie Piper and the rest of the Secret Diary of a Call Girl cast have called it a day. Hung up their dildos, pack up their condoms, and retired their weave collection.  After 4 short seasons of eight episodes a piece, the end was very bittersweet!  Based on the books and blog by the illustrious Belle de Jour aka Dr.Brooke Magnanti about her experiences as a London call girl.

   The 4th and final season starts off as they always do, with a little to catch up on. However Billie and her sideways to the audience always helps.  Belle obviously made some cash during the summer, as she pulls up to her own house. Her flat for the past 3 seasons has gone, never to be heard from again.  The season seems different from the get go. Much more glamorous, with the all white house, big pearl necklaces, and hats.  Some have compared this series to Sex and the City, due to it's humorous approach to sex etc.. However one thing this series does that Sex does not is focus on the dark side, and being british it adds a certain grit anyway.

  The Madam Stephanie gets caught by the police and spends the season in jail. Belle must take over the buisness! While juggling her new relationship with her oldest and dearst friend Ben(Iddo Goldberg).  Always a struggle for Belle, her life as a prostitute, and her 'real' life as Hannah.  Ben says to her at the beginging 'there's no going back from this', and indeed their wasn't. 

   Belle meets Poppy (Stephanie's daughter) who doesn't know her mum is the Madam.  She must keep it a secret, but secrets have a way of getting out.  Belle meets a very cute virgin who none of the other girls will take, because virgins are too needy! They have a funny scene together then he books and runs, but follows Belle home. Turns out he's not a virgin, technically, he's gay! lol!  That was one thing the show should have touched on more. Gay male gigilos! haha!  She also meets a cop who knows the buisness, and can't help but fall for Belle. Telling her things like Ben will never understand. He'll try to change who are, but I love you for you! Oh the temptation!!  Special guest stars for the finale included Mel.B aka Scary Spice, and Iwan Rheon from Misfits!!!

  So the big showdown finally comes in episode eight.  Stephanie is finally released from prison, but Belle has a tough choice. Choose Ben and give up the buisness, or choose the fast life of a London call girl.  She really loves both.  Ben tells her to meet him after Stephanie's big release party, if she shows she chooses him, if she doesn't... Well see for yourself how the final scene goes down.  What does Belle decide...but be forward anything after this will spoil it for you!!

  Belle walks off, her closing dialogue seems like it's just another season finale,  however we know this is not the case.  That's why this is so bittersweet!!  Billie's final look into the camera while Adele belts out in the backround, gives that spark of , 'Get ready cause here I come,na na!' While maintaining that hurt puppy look she's so good for!

I wish the season hadn't been so much about a love triangle, but on why Belle loves being a call girl so much. Bring it back to it's heart.  So the series as a whole feels unfinished, but every episode is simply delicious!  Thats why they need to properly close it off with a super movie trilogy!

  The real Belle stopped after she got her Phd. Secret diaries Belle will go on to fuck forever!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday the 13th...

People let out a sigh of relief, it's over.
Some people dread this day, it seems to be really nice for me!  I got my tattoo colored in! So beautiful! and got invited to a super fun movie date, to Friday the 13th!  Now this movie came out in 1980, and boy I can see why it's a classic!  The special effects were brilliant, When Annie got her throat slashed! A very young, hung Kevin Bacon in speedo's most of the time. Actually, the whole movie had plenty of male skin, and homoerotic undertones. I don't really remember the girls.  Plenty of drug use! and was actually for an older movie still scary.

  I unfortunately knew who the killer was from having watched the original scream. But still what twist!  and the final part in the boat... I won't give it away incase your reading this and have not seen it yet! But if you have then you know what i'm talking about!  Whooo child!

  Now the crowd was excited, and shouting jokes, like when Kevin had his big sex scene someone yelled "the bacon's about to sizzle!" shit like that! hahahaha!  It reminded me of that part in Scream 4, where their all watching the 'stab' movies and quoting it and having campy fun! Which is the best kind.  However the girl behind me, was just like "shut up" the whole time! Bitch! Don't you know the rules to these kinds of events!  She better not go to Rocky Horror on halloween!

May 19th, Till the world ends!

Lets start off smooth and hot,
Then for the first time in I bet you look good on the dancefloor history...I changed the theme tune for the day.  From delicious psychedelic Doctor Who to Remy Zero "Somebody Save Me" in honer of Smallville.

Now the past two weeks I have played an 'Are you that somebody' cover.  So it's only fair I give the tru original a shout out too! 


 ***this is my fav right now
I be blown' De La Soul

Stay Fresh - Jrocc
Party - Jrocc
Now this is around the point where my little devil came out. I came to do this post on blogger and discovered somebody else's blog open.  I really like to be misceivious occasionally, this was one of those times.   The blog was Sound Bakery, music. Go check it out. Anyway, some people say music is their soul food, but this is mine...
and this is what I posted. I confessed on the air so if anyone heard me, or anyone else talk about it, it would be funny.  I just checked again and it's still up there. Maybe the person thinks it's funny too!
Undercover (twin shadow remix) - The Chain Gang of 1974
Movement - Rel and J.Billion
Real is a feeling - PicturePlane

Now since this might have been my last show...due to the 3months of hell starting today.  I really wanted to make an impact. So that's why this is the only time I can get away with this next and final tune. It's actually really good, and fitting!!

p.s. dedicated it to Jill xoxox 

I also played a new blondie track Mother, but I dont rememebr when!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Somebody save me! Smallville series finale!

So I haven't seen every episode (yet), but Smallville was always around.  So periodically I would tune in.  Superman was always to masculine and for boys when I was growing up as a young queer kid in Saskatoon, but as we grow...  10 years on the air and Clark Kent really did become Superman.  Thats what always got me about this show, I would tune in and say "what does that have to do with superman!?, or where's Lois (in the begining)".  I don't even know the comics that well, but I've seen the movies and everybody knows the basic plot.  Caution SPOILERS ahead....

  The episode starts where we last left Lois (Erica Durance) and Clark(Tom Welling), the day of their wedding and Lois calling it off.  She realizes that she's just in the way of Clark being a hero.  After Chloe gives Lois, Clark's vows to read, she changes her mind and the wedding is on!   Tess (Cassidy Freeman) emerges into watchtower to find all the access codes are changed and the satelite's are down. She realizes Oliver (green arrow) switched everything off so that our heros wouldn't know of the impending Apocolypse.  Apocolypse meaning the giant planet hurdling towards Earth.  The effects were brilliant!  Unfortunatley Tess gets kidnapped before she has a chance to tell anyone about it.

  So Lois and Clark walking hand in hand down the isle, so romantic. When it's time for the rings, Oliver (who is being posessed by the darkness) hands Clark's to Lois. Also it's made of yellow kryptonite. Which if you know Superman, you will know yellow Kryptonite takes away his powers forever!  Chloe(played by the wonderful and underatted Alison Mack) being way to smart for her own good, knocks the ring away.  Clark talks the darkness out of Oliver, and thats when the atmosphere changes.  The Planet is getting closer.

  Clark final realizes he can't run away from his past he must embrace it, (hello the relating part!)  We see a montage of the last 10 yrs in Smallville and Jo Rel finally give Clark the suit!  Now Warner bros. offered the suit worn by the late Christopher Reeves, but aesthetically producers chose the one from Superman Returns, worn by Brandon Roth.  Meanwhile we see the return of Lex Luthor (Micheal Rosenbaum) from the dead not only to vow to become the villian he was meant to be, but also murder his sister Tess! In a shocking twist! I guess she wasn't their in the comics, and to wear I think a poorly fit bald cap. Just shave your head Micheal!  So Clark saves the day, Chloe reads to her child 7 yrs later a Smallville comic of the episodes events, and we flash to Metropolis, where everything in the comics is as it should be in the last frames of Smallville. The Daily Planet, Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, and a bumbling Clark Kent.

   However I thought we would get more in terms of just how Clark saves the Earth. Like a shot of him pushing the other planet away, but we only got reactions from the extras in Metropolis.  Alison Mack's character created for the small screen, was only in a handful of episodes this last season. Which bring up a conspiracy as to why it ended (i.e Brian Krause in the Charmed last season was also only in half the season due to budget cuts...I'm sure we will find out later.)

Now is also the time we'll find figure out which cast members will fade away!

  Superhero's are suppose to parallel our own trials and tribulations, we need to identify. Boy did I ever int his last episode. I shed a few tears, and am probably a better person for trying to do as hero's do!  One day I will learn just as Clark has, that I too can fly!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 12,2011 Night of Neglected artists!

                     Are you that somebody - Gossip
                     NEW Feral Children
                     Never be mine - Rye Rye feat.Robyn
                     As you like it - Siobhan Donaghy

                     The good that wont come out - Rilo Kiley
                     Hit that bitch with a bottle - Trina
                     Kids - MGMT
                     Sunset Chaser - Nathan
                     Blip on a screen -The streets
                     You only love me when I tell you that I'm wrong - Pens
                     My funny Valentine - Lizzy Mercier Descloux

Friday, May 6, 2011

Luvs it! hahahahaha!

Just what will Toni and her sisters get into!? nothing good. I really like the one sister Tamar she's the self proclaimed diva!  When going to see her sister perform with her band(not toni another one) she had this to say, it was like glee live! Haha!

Fantasy Mimi!

Just before giving birth to her twins, Morrocan and Monroe (were not gonna touch that).

May 5th setlist

Back in the swing of things, Special 1st anniversary dedication from Roan to her Magoo...
Lover's Lane - hUnx and his Punx
Are you that Somebody -Annie Rossi (who don't love some Aaliyah)
Choosy Lover -Aaliyah
Srtip 4 Me - Gravy Train (Hunx's first group)
Last High - Dandy Warhols *requested by my super duper hardcore fan! who calls like three times a show, and since I have one every week and it's only an hour and a half...ooh child!

                                          Shannon and the Clams miniset
You can come over
Waiting for you

Ken Griffy Jr - Comma
Stay Away (t williams dub) - Charli xcx
Cloud - Fischerspooner
Ugly (Oliver Twist mix) - Bubba Sparxxx
Hometown Herof.Yelawolf - Big K.R.I.T.
Old man Winter
the cult song

My Fargo adventure!

After finally making it to Fargo after getting lost for an hour we checked into our hotel and got booze!  Shav got this crazy alcohol cream in areosol! The next day we made our way to do pretty much the only thing in Fargo, the MALL! dadada DUM! After we went downtown to find the venue for the show later on, dry run!

The Fargo downtown is very classic like this old theatre that was playing Jane Erye.  After that we were stopped by a train so we decided to smoke a joint which I smuggled (shhhh!) Which is when a former rasta came up and started telling us about how he found a friend! in Jesus!  Thank god for Kennedy and Andrew who had none of it, otherwise Shavonne would have indulged him forever! haha, she needs her fun too!  So then after more shopping back to the hotel for a nap and then the Hunx and his punx and Shannon and the Clams show!!
The venue was upstairs of this other club it was tiny but awesome, and not too hot. You k now how some venues can be just miserable!  It was called the aquarium.
Shannon and Cody watching the opening band, Who sang about missing the bus, and played the golden girls theme as an ender! hahaha, so good! It was right after these guys were done i went shannon and asked if they were gonna do the muppet babies theme this time? Maybe they do it all the time, but I wanted to be sure!  She said "well is that a request?"  I got excited and said "hellz yeah!"  She said she would put in the computer. She was by far the coolest person there. Even cooler than Hunx (sorry Seth, you were kind of pretentious!)


                                                  Saskatoon vs Regina   love!
Now time for Hunx!

Or so we thought...Turns out this was Daniel from Nu Sensae, touring with them as the drummer for Shannon, and the guitar for Hunx. The song was Hey Rocky, and he was so good we all thought it was hunx, then the real Hunx came out. ooh lala!

After the show we met this chick named nicki with r2d2 tattood on her leg, she gave us a ride back to our hotel, and partied forawhile, Tho she did this weird baby voice I was a little put off by, but she was cool, so I didn't mind that much! haha.  Then we got wild and crazy, passed out and left the next morning! One crazy awesome night in Fargo, North Dakota!  I love how my friends can just do that!

i betyoulookgoodonthedancefloor setlist for april 28th,2011

A special Hunx album listening party!
So excited to go see him and Shannon in Fargo, North Dakota!

tho I started off the show with Aunty Panty because they were doing a show that night!
AP- Mama don't like you
Blow me away
he's coming back
Too young to be in love
Shannon and the Clams -You will always bring me flowers
Can we get together
Tonite tonite
If your not here, I don't know where you are
The curse of being young
Bad Boy

Chucha SantaMaria Y Usted - Fiebre Tropical **think almost M.I.A. from her Arular days.
Arms - Heat and Hot water (passion pit mix)
  Arpline - Fold up like a pice of paper
Cold War Kids - Somthing is not right with me (Richard swift instruments of science and technology mix) 
Cold War Kids - Mine is yours (passion pit mix)
Chester French - She loves everybody(Steve Aoki mix)