Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday the 13th...

People let out a sigh of relief, it's over.
Some people dread this day, it seems to be really nice for me!  I got my tattoo colored in! So beautiful! and got invited to a super fun movie date, to Friday the 13th!  Now this movie came out in 1980, and boy I can see why it's a classic!  The special effects were brilliant, When Annie got her throat slashed! A very young, hung Kevin Bacon in speedo's most of the time. Actually, the whole movie had plenty of male skin, and homoerotic undertones. I don't really remember the girls.  Plenty of drug use! and was actually for an older movie still scary.

  I unfortunately knew who the killer was from having watched the original scream. But still what twist!  and the final part in the boat... I won't give it away incase your reading this and have not seen it yet! But if you have then you know what i'm talking about!  Whooo child!

  Now the crowd was excited, and shouting jokes, like when Kevin had his big sex scene someone yelled "the bacon's about to sizzle!" shit like that! hahahaha!  It reminded me of that part in Scream 4, where their all watching the 'stab' movies and quoting it and having campy fun! Which is the best kind.  However the girl behind me, was just like "shut up" the whole time! Bitch! Don't you know the rules to these kinds of events!  She better not go to Rocky Horror on halloween!

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