Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's Morphin time!

Walter Jones -The Original Black Power Ranger.  After he got kicked off the show mid season 2, we didn't see much of him. Though he did move to Nickelodeon for two season of Space Cases! Another fantastic kids sci fi show. Which he starred with in the first season anyways Jewel Staite (Firefly, Stargate Atlantis, Are you afraid of the dark epis!)  Also I saw him on the halloween Buffy season 4 episode for like two scenes, he was blad and looking extremly fit!

Amy Jo Johnson, The Original Pink Power Ranger. The only actress of the series to make it out alive, with a decent career that is. She went on to star with Keri Russel in Felicity. Where also in a halloween episode, her boyfriend was seen making out with the pink power ranger. Now she appears on Flashpoint, about a swat team? I'm not too sure it looks boring to me, but she's on it!

 David Yost, the original and longest running Blue Ranger. David lasted the whole three season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as a ranger. He joined the cast still in season 4 where the show was dubbed Power Rangers Zeo. New suits, zords, powers, etc. Theirs only so much Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger footage to use. As the origial Japanese version moves on every season.  David however left the show eventually. Stating only recently that it was due to homophobic slander towards him, from various people on staff. What a shame, and also Oh Billy! who got might buff in the end...

Thuy (pronounced Twee)Trang the original and my favorite forever and for always Yellow Ranger.  She also got the boot with Walter and Austin St.John in the second season. Only to be replaced by two bit versions of themselves. They didn't even make it to the movie!  Thuy went to have a small role in one of the crow movies. Thuy tragically died in a car accident sept 3rd, 2001. She wasn't wearing her seatbelt! Amy Jo and David attended her funeral. R.I.P Trini.  Originally, actually in the weird pilot Thuy wasn't Trini. actress Audrey DuBois...where the hell are you now?

Austin St. John, as Jason the original Red Ranger. You always felt a little bad for him after Tommy came on the scene. It was as if Jason lost all his credentials. I never like Tommy anyways.  After he got the boot, for reportidley holding out for more money, he dissapeard for a while. Until he returned as the Gold Ranger in Zeo. He also made an appearance in the Turbo movie with Amy Jo Johnson.  But now I dont think he's looking so good! Sorry Jason!

 sorry for the poor quality of the clip! Go go Power Rangers!

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