Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 19th, Till the world ends!

Lets start off smooth and hot,
Then for the first time in I bet you look good on the dancefloor history...I changed the theme tune for the day.  From delicious psychedelic Doctor Who to Remy Zero "Somebody Save Me" in honer of Smallville.

Now the past two weeks I have played an 'Are you that somebody' cover.  So it's only fair I give the tru original a shout out too! 


 ***this is my fav right now
I be blown' De La Soul

Stay Fresh - Jrocc
Party - Jrocc
Now this is around the point where my little devil came out. I came to do this post on blogger and discovered somebody else's blog open.  I really like to be misceivious occasionally, this was one of those times.   The blog was Sound Bakery, music. Go check it out. Anyway, some people say music is their soul food, but this is mine...
and this is what I posted. I confessed on the air so if anyone heard me, or anyone else talk about it, it would be funny.  I just checked again and it's still up there. Maybe the person thinks it's funny too!
Undercover (twin shadow remix) - The Chain Gang of 1974
Movement - Rel and J.Billion
Real is a feeling - PicturePlane

Now since this might have been my last show...due to the 3months of hell starting today.  I really wanted to make an impact. So that's why this is the only time I can get away with this next and final tune. It's actually really good, and fitting!!

p.s. dedicated it to Jill xoxox 

I also played a new blondie track Mother, but I dont rememebr when!

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