Friday, May 6, 2011

My Fargo adventure!

After finally making it to Fargo after getting lost for an hour we checked into our hotel and got booze!  Shav got this crazy alcohol cream in areosol! The next day we made our way to do pretty much the only thing in Fargo, the MALL! dadada DUM! After we went downtown to find the venue for the show later on, dry run!

The Fargo downtown is very classic like this old theatre that was playing Jane Erye.  After that we were stopped by a train so we decided to smoke a joint which I smuggled (shhhh!) Which is when a former rasta came up and started telling us about how he found a friend! in Jesus!  Thank god for Kennedy and Andrew who had none of it, otherwise Shavonne would have indulged him forever! haha, she needs her fun too!  So then after more shopping back to the hotel for a nap and then the Hunx and his punx and Shannon and the Clams show!!
The venue was upstairs of this other club it was tiny but awesome, and not too hot. You k now how some venues can be just miserable!  It was called the aquarium.
Shannon and Cody watching the opening band, Who sang about missing the bus, and played the golden girls theme as an ender! hahaha, so good! It was right after these guys were done i went shannon and asked if they were gonna do the muppet babies theme this time? Maybe they do it all the time, but I wanted to be sure!  She said "well is that a request?"  I got excited and said "hellz yeah!"  She said she would put in the computer. She was by far the coolest person there. Even cooler than Hunx (sorry Seth, you were kind of pretentious!)


                                                  Saskatoon vs Regina   love!
Now time for Hunx!

Or so we thought...Turns out this was Daniel from Nu Sensae, touring with them as the drummer for Shannon, and the guitar for Hunx. The song was Hey Rocky, and he was so good we all thought it was hunx, then the real Hunx came out. ooh lala!

After the show we met this chick named nicki with r2d2 tattood on her leg, she gave us a ride back to our hotel, and partied forawhile, Tho she did this weird baby voice I was a little put off by, but she was cool, so I didn't mind that much! haha.  Then we got wild and crazy, passed out and left the next morning! One crazy awesome night in Fargo, North Dakota!  I love how my friends can just do that!

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