Saturday, May 28, 2011

One of the best albums ever!

These sexy english lads are just as obsessed with Doctor Who, as me!  I discovered Charlie's videos on youtube one day. You know how you tubing goes, one thing leads to another...  So Charlie had died his hair red, and I had just done that to my hair so I clicked. He had many videos, and in the process of watching he told his followers about his band Chameleon Circut.  Known to Doctor fans at the camoflage circut which is busted on the Tardis (the doctor's ship) which is why it always looks like a police public call box.  The whole album is a masterpiece, drawing from the whole history of the show. Including Galifreyan history 101, to K9's lament.  Its a Doctor who fanboy's wet dream. 
here are two of my favorite tracks...

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