Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Secret Diary closes...

  Billie Piper and the rest of the Secret Diary of a Call Girl cast have called it a day. Hung up their dildos, pack up their condoms, and retired their weave collection.  After 4 short seasons of eight episodes a piece, the end was very bittersweet!  Based on the books and blog by the illustrious Belle de Jour aka Dr.Brooke Magnanti about her experiences as a London call girl.

   The 4th and final season starts off as they always do, with a little to catch up on. However Billie and her sideways to the audience always helps.  Belle obviously made some cash during the summer, as she pulls up to her own house. Her flat for the past 3 seasons has gone, never to be heard from again.  The season seems different from the get go. Much more glamorous, with the all white house, big pearl necklaces, and hats.  Some have compared this series to Sex and the City, due to it's humorous approach to sex etc.. However one thing this series does that Sex does not is focus on the dark side, and being british it adds a certain grit anyway.

  The Madam Stephanie gets caught by the police and spends the season in jail. Belle must take over the buisness! While juggling her new relationship with her oldest and dearst friend Ben(Iddo Goldberg).  Always a struggle for Belle, her life as a prostitute, and her 'real' life as Hannah.  Ben says to her at the beginging 'there's no going back from this', and indeed their wasn't. 

   Belle meets Poppy (Stephanie's daughter) who doesn't know her mum is the Madam.  She must keep it a secret, but secrets have a way of getting out.  Belle meets a very cute virgin who none of the other girls will take, because virgins are too needy! They have a funny scene together then he books and runs, but follows Belle home. Turns out he's not a virgin, technically, he's gay! lol!  That was one thing the show should have touched on more. Gay male gigilos! haha!  She also meets a cop who knows the buisness, and can't help but fall for Belle. Telling her things like Ben will never understand. He'll try to change who are, but I love you for you! Oh the temptation!!  Special guest stars for the finale included Mel.B aka Scary Spice, and Iwan Rheon from Misfits!!!

  So the big showdown finally comes in episode eight.  Stephanie is finally released from prison, but Belle has a tough choice. Choose Ben and give up the buisness, or choose the fast life of a London call girl.  She really loves both.  Ben tells her to meet him after Stephanie's big release party, if she shows she chooses him, if she doesn't... Well see for yourself how the final scene goes down.  What does Belle decide...but be forward anything after this will spoil it for you!!

  Belle walks off, her closing dialogue seems like it's just another season finale,  however we know this is not the case.  That's why this is so bittersweet!!  Billie's final look into the camera while Adele belts out in the backround, gives that spark of , 'Get ready cause here I come,na na!' While maintaining that hurt puppy look she's so good for!

I wish the season hadn't been so much about a love triangle, but on why Belle loves being a call girl so much. Bring it back to it's heart.  So the series as a whole feels unfinished, but every episode is simply delicious!  Thats why they need to properly close it off with a super movie trilogy!

  The real Belle stopped after she got her Phd. Secret diaries Belle will go on to fuck forever!

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