Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Somebody save me! Smallville series finale!

So I haven't seen every episode (yet), but Smallville was always around.  So periodically I would tune in.  Superman was always to masculine and for boys when I was growing up as a young queer kid in Saskatoon, but as we grow...  10 years on the air and Clark Kent really did become Superman.  Thats what always got me about this show, I would tune in and say "what does that have to do with superman!?, or where's Lois (in the begining)".  I don't even know the comics that well, but I've seen the movies and everybody knows the basic plot.  Caution SPOILERS ahead....

  The episode starts where we last left Lois (Erica Durance) and Clark(Tom Welling), the day of their wedding and Lois calling it off.  She realizes that she's just in the way of Clark being a hero.  After Chloe gives Lois, Clark's vows to read, she changes her mind and the wedding is on!   Tess (Cassidy Freeman) emerges into watchtower to find all the access codes are changed and the satelite's are down. She realizes Oliver (green arrow) switched everything off so that our heros wouldn't know of the impending Apocolypse.  Apocolypse meaning the giant planet hurdling towards Earth.  The effects were brilliant!  Unfortunatley Tess gets kidnapped before she has a chance to tell anyone about it.

  So Lois and Clark walking hand in hand down the isle, so romantic. When it's time for the rings, Oliver (who is being posessed by the darkness) hands Clark's to Lois. Also it's made of yellow kryptonite. Which if you know Superman, you will know yellow Kryptonite takes away his powers forever!  Chloe(played by the wonderful and underatted Alison Mack) being way to smart for her own good, knocks the ring away.  Clark talks the darkness out of Oliver, and thats when the atmosphere changes.  The Planet is getting closer.

  Clark final realizes he can't run away from his past he must embrace it, (hello the relating part!)  We see a montage of the last 10 yrs in Smallville and Jo Rel finally give Clark the suit!  Now Warner bros. offered the suit worn by the late Christopher Reeves, but aesthetically producers chose the one from Superman Returns, worn by Brandon Roth.  Meanwhile we see the return of Lex Luthor (Micheal Rosenbaum) from the dead not only to vow to become the villian he was meant to be, but also murder his sister Tess! In a shocking twist! I guess she wasn't their in the comics, and to wear I think a poorly fit bald cap. Just shave your head Micheal!  So Clark saves the day, Chloe reads to her child 7 yrs later a Smallville comic of the episodes events, and we flash to Metropolis, where everything in the comics is as it should be in the last frames of Smallville. The Daily Planet, Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, and a bumbling Clark Kent.

   However I thought we would get more in terms of just how Clark saves the Earth. Like a shot of him pushing the other planet away, but we only got reactions from the extras in Metropolis.  Alison Mack's character created for the small screen, was only in a handful of episodes this last season. Which bring up a conspiracy as to why it ended (i.e Brian Krause in the Charmed last season was also only in half the season due to budget cuts...I'm sure we will find out later.)

Now is also the time we'll find figure out which cast members will fade away!

  Superhero's are suppose to parallel our own trials and tribulations, we need to identify. Boy did I ever int his last episode. I shed a few tears, and am probably a better person for trying to do as hero's do!  One day I will learn just as Clark has, that I too can fly!

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