Monday, June 27, 2011

Season 4 Premier!

Alright, so the wait is finally over! You either love or hate this series. I love it!  The season starts off with Sookie going into the fairy realm. Where we quickly learn that everything is not what it seems. The fairies who look like real hot humans, eventually turn into these weird goblin like creatures. In this first epic battle of fairy magic, which didn't really make sense. Besides the fact that they wanted a big opener.  Sookie escapes back to the mortal realm and realizes she has been gone one year.  I really hate that when tv shows go the 5 years in the future thing. 
  So now Jason is a cop, Andy the sherrif is addicted to vampire blood, and Tara is a lesbian cage fighter named Toni. Wiggity wiggity wack.  This season better go better places! The only thing that saved it was the witches and Lafyette! Still going strong Lafyette and Jesus. Jesus takes L to one of his wicca gatherings where some weird posession shit happens. So apparently Lafyette is a witch. I love witches! espcially hot gay man witches.  
  Eric is still super hot, Bill is still super annoying, but he is king of Louisiana.  Jessica and Pam have some good stuff too.  Pam trying or rather not trying to do the psa for vamp acceptance is hilarious. All dry and like who cares( Pam gets it), and when Eric steps in all charming and hot, honestly I just want to rub my cock everytime he comes on the screen!! All in all it ended witha good enough cliffhanger for me to be like 'WHAT'!  But sadly it felt that the best seasons of the show were behind us. So we will see what the future holds for Alan Ball and tru Blood.

fAN Art of the cutest comic couple since Rogue and Gambit!

Billy and Teddy aka Wiccan and Hulking of the Young Avengers!

Check out the ongoing Childrens Crusade series which the Young Avengers are seeking out the Scarlett Witch!


oK everybody, somebody finally uploaded/found this on youtube. This is my favorite skit from this era of SNL. Also probably the best Gemini's Twin skit aswell. If you don't know it's a rip at the old Destiny's Child. You do recall the DC mix up? Anyways Maya and Ana are da shit, JLO's cool too I guess.

So sick of Indie Rock show! June 24.

                                 Sugababes - Hole in the head (dedicated to all the wieners I work with)
Milli Vanilli - Girl you know it's true (SPECIAL REQUEST GOING OUT TO sPECIAL k)
                                                  Marky Mark and the funky bunch - Good Vibrations
                                                     Kreayshawn - Gucci Gucci
                                                        Dev - Bass Down low
                                                  LeToya - gANGSTA gRILLZ
                                                        Missy E- The Rain
                                                Salad Fingers episode 2 - Friends
                                                         Diskjokke -Panutup
                                              Jamelia Tony Pryde mix - Superstar
                                                 Janelle Monae - Tightrope
                                   Kelly Rowland and Kid Sister - Motivation
                                               Samuel L. Jackson - Go the fuck to sleep

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ridin Solo , I bet you Look Good on the Dancefloor setlist Thursday june 16th.

My radio show on Saskatoon's community radio station groovin every Thursday night 1230am till 2am.

                      Connie Francis - Follow the boys
                      some mysterious track from a nuggets compilation
                      Starky- Bricks f. Curly Castro (Elements mix)
                      Macy Grey - Love is gonna get you
At this point I had to get to the commercials, but I wanted to leave on a funny note, and set the record straight (no pun intended). So I told this story of how my tattoo artist told the receptionist at my roomates work, he did this really cool tattoo but the guy was hitting on him! haha, yeah your cute Tyler and I would totally hit that, but honestly, just cause i'm friendly with you while were sitting in a room together for 4 hours alone, doesn't mean me or any other gay guy is hitting on you. Keep in mind tho, maybe we are. That's your job to disern it, ha!  But hey he mentioned it, cause he would totally hit that shit too!
                     Wombats - techno Fan (Diplo mix)
                     Never don't grow - Late Bloomers
                     Gardens and Villa - Star Fire Power
                     Jessica 6 - East West funk
                     Wale - 100 Hunnit  f.Meek Mill
Now the only track worth posting a video for...

                     M.I.A. f.Nicki Minaj - Tequilla
                     The Seahags - Sky, Wheat, Birds
                     Moby - Blue Moon
              ok, so one more video, because I'm still feeling proud!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Thursday June 9th The Pride show!

Here in Saskatoon we were celebrating our Pride, so I picked out my favorite out and about artist, tracks that parallel homophobia in a way, or tracks that make me proud, and wanna have a great time!  Also joinging me in the studio is Aunty Esther.

Starting off the show with some grimey beats courtesy of the once amazing Sugababes.
because Saskatoon is a Nasty Ghetto!
                                    Nicola Roberts - Beat of my drum
                                    Margaret Cho - I am a fag hag
                                    Chameleon Circut - Exterminate/Regenerate
                                    Gossip - Men in Love
                                    Peaches - Back it up
                                    Wanda Sykes- Gay vs Black
                                    Cazwell - I seen Beyonce at Burger King
                                    Adele - Someone like you (messed dub mix)
                                    The Murmurs - Misfit
                                    George Micheal - Hard Day
                                    Madonna - Express Yourself
                                    Aaliyah - Rock the boat

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Heart go Wild.

Well I didn't promise you i'd post it, but I did to myself!  The debut video of Girls Aloud member Nicola Roberts. Yes I certainly am dancing to the beat of your drum Nicola.  I love your dear in the headlights but also really stoned look. Also maybe your just wearing heavy fake eyelashes.  The video is very visually pleasing, the clothes are so nice! Nicola being always sort of awkward is what makes her one of my favorites, and this video is no expecption. Who cares tho!! I love the tune and watching that guy in all blue (so nice) dance, and Nicola with her 3 backround dancers (odd number, hmm) definatley made me L.O.V.E.! Good work Nicola, looks like you've got a good team behind you, and some solid legs yourself. Can't wait for the next one!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Torchwood Miracle Day

Well we all know in the world of Torchwood no one is safe, but is Torchwood still.  Now in the hands of american network Starz, Tochwoods fourth season beings in july! Excited, nervous, caustious, ready to have my load blown!  One thing Torchwood was always so good at was keeping me on my toes. I dont think they'll nesicarily lose that, but if the trailer is anything to by, I fear it's become too hollywood.  Tho Russel T.Davis is involed with the project(thank gaga), and Lauren Ambrose (our favorite little tweaker from HBO's Six feet Under, and Can't hardly wait). Oh and a showdown between Gwen and Dollhouse's Sierra, Awesome!

I guess we will have to wait for it to premier and be over until we make our final recomendations. Some things I really hope not to happen tho are, making captain Jack less gay, killing off Captain Jack or Gwen or Rhys, or anyone from the original (we know how they like to do that. *tear) After the big 5 part children of Earth thrid series was over and Ianto was dead, Jack went off running for the stars, and Gwen was left pregnant, would we ever see the old gang back together again?  Also now being one of the soul survivors kinda makes me wish Gwen also makes it! haha!

  There are several roads Torchwood could have taken. Martha Jones could have become a regular(tho I'm totally a Martha head), as well as Lois Habiba, which I kinda thought would have happened, hell even James Martsers I would have settled for(as long as he's not playing Spike, i'm fine.). But due to the economy Tosh and Owen were killed in season two, cause I really dont think they thought they were even going to get a season three!  These Americans better not ruin another perfectly blended British series. Horror, Action, Romance, Comedy, Torchwood has definatly got me Torching some wood!!

my lady.

Finally she's finished!


Dr.Who S6E7 A Good man goes to war.

So the doctor is done for a mid season break, and I must say what a note to end on. The whole season has thus far been pretty lackluster. Save for the episode the Doctors wife! Oh how we long for the Russel T.Davies days.  Matt Smith as the Doctor does a fine job, Arthur Darvill as Rory is obviously the best part of this new incarnation, and then we have poor Karen Gillian as Amy Pond.... so ovah it! O.V.A.H. She is probably my least favorite companion. She's good, but rather annoying. She doesnt really seem to help the Doctor all that much, and when she tries to be brave she comes off very amatur, but I digress.

   The episode opens with Amy and her new baby in some weird facility. How did she get their? How long, etc. She tells the villianess to watch out cause a man is coming for her! Blah blah blah Amy, your boring and unbelivable.  We jump through time, seeing the doctor's villians for the past two seasons, and an army making preperations to find and fight the doctor, all building up too (about what feels like 20minutes in) the doctors unviel.  One hilarous line "Don't forget to point your guns at me, if that makes you feel more relaxed." all the soldiers shake their heads, oh yeah, and point their guns. haha! Those lines thankfully Matt Smith delivers on!  Plus he's like totally hot!
Matt as gay novelist Christopher Isherwood in new BBC Two biopic 'Christopher And His Kind'.

  Anyways, long story short, we finally get to know who River is!! She first appeared way back in the David Tennant years. Some very close 'stranger' from the future. Very ominous, because she had his sonic screwdriver and diary.  Three seasons later and i'm sure were all bored of her breaking out of jail (yes she's in jail) her constant 'oh I can't tell you about the future" even tho she knows! I wont tell you the big reveal, but let me just say I was plesantly surprised. I do think they should have set it up more, so when you look back you go, "oh yeah". It was still a twist I didn't see coming, and in this new era of the Doctor, that doesn't happen often.
  Now we must wait till autum when the gang returns in...Let's kill Hitler. Already it sounds promising.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 2nd

 Special I bet you look good on the dancefloor announcment!>>>Aunty Esther has enterd the building!

                                         rythm is a dancer - snap
                                       wheel of fortune - ace of base
                                                 desendants - im not a loser
                                                                      i like food
               undoubtedly the best Jackson, sorry LeToya, and sorry Micheal ruined it for you Janet.
                                              bell bie voe - poison
                                              by bye cowboy - mitsou
                                              aphax tiwn - boy girl song
                                      mashed potatoes - dee dee sharp
                                      the stroll, the diamonds
                                     dr.doom welfare
                                    fuck shit stack - reggie watts
                                     biz markie - just a friend
                           boys 2 men - end of the road. end of the night sing along!
All I have to say is thank gaga!  This member of Girls Aloud finally doing it for the gingers!  Undoubtedly tied for my favorite member in the group (along side Kimberly Walsh) because of their underdog status.  The token "just their" girls.  But when they do open their mouths (especially together) magic happens. So her debut single Beat of my drum is an electro pop/RnB/M.I.A. esque track, produced my Diplo and Dimitri Tikovi. Tho not getting much favorable reviews, I love the track! Makes me move and want to shout! Nicola also uses her signiture wailing that her voice is so suited for. 
Kimberly and Nicola
 Some solo carears go well, some don't. I think Nicola has a real shot. At least at being a Uk golden girl. Not as overexposed as her girls Aloud  partner Cheryl Cole. Who  recently joined the U.S.  X-Factor then got fired, becuase of not really getting along with Paula Abdul, oh Paula! Don't try to copy the solo career's of Cheryl or Nadine(the voice of Girls ALoud, her solo career is one of those that didn't go so well. Her album only being released through...hold up...wait for it...Target. nuff said.)  Nicola opened a line of makep after the girls' 5th album Out of control. Taking a break from the limelight and what your already known for, I think that part is key. Not that the day the Girls Aloud decide to make another record I wont be jumping for joy. It's just best to take a little time.  

Nicola is ready for her solo debut, though i'll have to wait until I see the video, live performance and the 2nd single. Im pretty sure i'll love tho. The track isnt even out yet and already their are clips on youtube of people covering it. hahaha. Their underdogs too!   A++ Ms.Roberts.