Saturday, June 4, 2011

All I have to say is thank gaga!  This member of Girls Aloud finally doing it for the gingers!  Undoubtedly tied for my favorite member in the group (along side Kimberly Walsh) because of their underdog status.  The token "just their" girls.  But when they do open their mouths (especially together) magic happens. So her debut single Beat of my drum is an electro pop/RnB/M.I.A. esque track, produced my Diplo and Dimitri Tikovi. Tho not getting much favorable reviews, I love the track! Makes me move and want to shout! Nicola also uses her signiture wailing that her voice is so suited for. 
Kimberly and Nicola
 Some solo carears go well, some don't. I think Nicola has a real shot. At least at being a Uk golden girl. Not as overexposed as her girls Aloud  partner Cheryl Cole. Who  recently joined the U.S.  X-Factor then got fired, becuase of not really getting along with Paula Abdul, oh Paula! Don't try to copy the solo career's of Cheryl or Nadine(the voice of Girls ALoud, her solo career is one of those that didn't go so well. Her album only being released through...hold up...wait for it...Target. nuff said.)  Nicola opened a line of makep after the girls' 5th album Out of control. Taking a break from the limelight and what your already known for, I think that part is key. Not that the day the Girls Aloud decide to make another record I wont be jumping for joy. It's just best to take a little time.  

Nicola is ready for her solo debut, though i'll have to wait until I see the video, live performance and the 2nd single. Im pretty sure i'll love tho. The track isnt even out yet and already their are clips on youtube of people covering it. hahaha. Their underdogs too!   A++ Ms.Roberts. 

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