Monday, June 6, 2011

Dr.Who S6E7 A Good man goes to war.

So the doctor is done for a mid season break, and I must say what a note to end on. The whole season has thus far been pretty lackluster. Save for the episode the Doctors wife! Oh how we long for the Russel T.Davies days.  Matt Smith as the Doctor does a fine job, Arthur Darvill as Rory is obviously the best part of this new incarnation, and then we have poor Karen Gillian as Amy Pond.... so ovah it! O.V.A.H. She is probably my least favorite companion. She's good, but rather annoying. She doesnt really seem to help the Doctor all that much, and when she tries to be brave she comes off very amatur, but I digress.

   The episode opens with Amy and her new baby in some weird facility. How did she get their? How long, etc. She tells the villianess to watch out cause a man is coming for her! Blah blah blah Amy, your boring and unbelivable.  We jump through time, seeing the doctor's villians for the past two seasons, and an army making preperations to find and fight the doctor, all building up too (about what feels like 20minutes in) the doctors unviel.  One hilarous line "Don't forget to point your guns at me, if that makes you feel more relaxed." all the soldiers shake their heads, oh yeah, and point their guns. haha! Those lines thankfully Matt Smith delivers on!  Plus he's like totally hot!
Matt as gay novelist Christopher Isherwood in new BBC Two biopic 'Christopher And His Kind'.

  Anyways, long story short, we finally get to know who River is!! She first appeared way back in the David Tennant years. Some very close 'stranger' from the future. Very ominous, because she had his sonic screwdriver and diary.  Three seasons later and i'm sure were all bored of her breaking out of jail (yes she's in jail) her constant 'oh I can't tell you about the future" even tho she knows! I wont tell you the big reveal, but let me just say I was plesantly surprised. I do think they should have set it up more, so when you look back you go, "oh yeah". It was still a twist I didn't see coming, and in this new era of the Doctor, that doesn't happen often.
  Now we must wait till autum when the gang returns in...Let's kill Hitler. Already it sounds promising.

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