Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ridin Solo , I bet you Look Good on the Dancefloor setlist Thursday june 16th.

My radio show on Saskatoon's community radio station groovin every Thursday night 1230am till 2am.

                      Connie Francis - Follow the boys
                      some mysterious track from a nuggets compilation
                      Starky- Bricks f. Curly Castro (Elements mix)
                      Macy Grey - Love is gonna get you
At this point I had to get to the commercials, but I wanted to leave on a funny note, and set the record straight (no pun intended). So I told this story of how my tattoo artist told the receptionist at my roomates work, he did this really cool tattoo but the guy was hitting on him! haha, yeah your cute Tyler and I would totally hit that, but honestly, just cause i'm friendly with you while were sitting in a room together for 4 hours alone, doesn't mean me or any other gay guy is hitting on you. Keep in mind tho, maybe we are. That's your job to disern it, ha!  But hey he mentioned it, cause he would totally hit that shit too!
                     Wombats - techno Fan (Diplo mix)
                     Never don't grow - Late Bloomers
                     Gardens and Villa - Star Fire Power
                     Jessica 6 - East West funk
                     Wale - 100 Hunnit  f.Meek Mill
Now the only track worth posting a video for...

                     M.I.A. f.Nicki Minaj - Tequilla
                     The Seahags - Sky, Wheat, Birds
                     Moby - Blue Moon
              ok, so one more video, because I'm still feeling proud!

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