Monday, June 27, 2011

Season 4 Premier!

Alright, so the wait is finally over! You either love or hate this series. I love it!  The season starts off with Sookie going into the fairy realm. Where we quickly learn that everything is not what it seems. The fairies who look like real hot humans, eventually turn into these weird goblin like creatures. In this first epic battle of fairy magic, which didn't really make sense. Besides the fact that they wanted a big opener.  Sookie escapes back to the mortal realm and realizes she has been gone one year.  I really hate that when tv shows go the 5 years in the future thing. 
  So now Jason is a cop, Andy the sherrif is addicted to vampire blood, and Tara is a lesbian cage fighter named Toni. Wiggity wiggity wack.  This season better go better places! The only thing that saved it was the witches and Lafyette! Still going strong Lafyette and Jesus. Jesus takes L to one of his wicca gatherings where some weird posession shit happens. So apparently Lafyette is a witch. I love witches! espcially hot gay man witches.  
  Eric is still super hot, Bill is still super annoying, but he is king of Louisiana.  Jessica and Pam have some good stuff too.  Pam trying or rather not trying to do the psa for vamp acceptance is hilarious. All dry and like who cares( Pam gets it), and when Eric steps in all charming and hot, honestly I just want to rub my cock everytime he comes on the screen!! All in all it ended witha good enough cliffhanger for me to be like 'WHAT'!  But sadly it felt that the best seasons of the show were behind us. So we will see what the future holds for Alan Ball and tru Blood.

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