Monday, June 6, 2011

Torchwood Miracle Day

Well we all know in the world of Torchwood no one is safe, but is Torchwood still.  Now in the hands of american network Starz, Tochwoods fourth season beings in july! Excited, nervous, caustious, ready to have my load blown!  One thing Torchwood was always so good at was keeping me on my toes. I dont think they'll nesicarily lose that, but if the trailer is anything to by, I fear it's become too hollywood.  Tho Russel T.Davis is involed with the project(thank gaga), and Lauren Ambrose (our favorite little tweaker from HBO's Six feet Under, and Can't hardly wait). Oh and a showdown between Gwen and Dollhouse's Sierra, Awesome!

I guess we will have to wait for it to premier and be over until we make our final recomendations. Some things I really hope not to happen tho are, making captain Jack less gay, killing off Captain Jack or Gwen or Rhys, or anyone from the original (we know how they like to do that. *tear) After the big 5 part children of Earth thrid series was over and Ianto was dead, Jack went off running for the stars, and Gwen was left pregnant, would we ever see the old gang back together again?  Also now being one of the soul survivors kinda makes me wish Gwen also makes it! haha!

  There are several roads Torchwood could have taken. Martha Jones could have become a regular(tho I'm totally a Martha head), as well as Lois Habiba, which I kinda thought would have happened, hell even James Martsers I would have settled for(as long as he's not playing Spike, i'm fine.). But due to the economy Tosh and Owen were killed in season two, cause I really dont think they thought they were even going to get a season three!  These Americans better not ruin another perfectly blended British series. Horror, Action, Romance, Comedy, Torchwood has definatly got me Torching some wood!!

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