Monday, July 11, 2011

Episode 1

Ok so by now Im sure everyone has seen this first new episode.  Everyone was worried the americans would ruin our much beloved british Torchwood and they have, but only slightly.  Spoilers ahead! The season starts off with nice guy Bill Pullman about to be executed for being a child pedolfile, he doesn't die. We soon discover far to easily and quickley that no one on earth has been dying for the last 24hours. Cut to the big CIA headquarters, where they are randomly searching for Torchwood.  The new cia agent who I've already forgotten her, is adequate as blonde bimbo lead, chatting to Mekhi Phifer when he gets into an accident himself! This leads to blond bimbo having the mission.  Cut to thank god, Torchwood original Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) and Rhys (Kai Owen) in their secluded home with their baby girl. As much as I never liked Gwen in the series, as everyone got killed off she was the only one left in the end and I'm glad. Which Captain Jack(John Barrowmen) also notes, so good job Starz.
  So I dont really remember what happened in the end of season 3 Children of Earth, but I guess Gwen and the rest of 'Torchwood' are on the run and in hiding. Cause Children of Earth was some crazy ass shit too!  So everything seems nice and innocent in Gwens life, except for the fact that shes become a paranoid mommy, with mr and mrs. smith like closets full of weapons. Rightfully so, it isnt long into the episode that Gwen and co are discoverd and they must flee back to Cardiff.
Intercut with the bad new american story. Mekhi Phifer is totally ruining this for me. His bad acting is making me long for the days when he had at least Brandy to wing man for him.  Blonde bimbo leadS first run in with Captain Jack is a great sequence. Where in the end she drinks the amnesia shake and forgets the whole thing anyway. Classic Torchwood! But it's a good way for Captain Jack to return
The moment I knew this was still going to be good was the moment I started to cry.  When Gwen's dad (who's in the hospital) says, "isn't this what you do?" Gwen admits "she doesnt know what to do!"  I dont know why this got to me, maybe because Torchwood is never shy to really hit you where it hurts. Which is why this series is so solid.  So much darker than Doctor Who, with it's elleventh doctor and show runner Stephan Moffat in a bit of a I've seen this all before funk.  Torchwood still seems fresh. Maybe that's because Russel T. Davies is involved!!!!
So in the end Mekhi finds Jack and Gwen in a great rocketlauncher chase sequence and surrounds them with a police force and says he's taking them back to the states! Cause no one in England needs them!  Meanwhile can't be convicted of the same crime twice Bill Pullman is released from prison. I'm really looking forward to seeing his character cause some shit. It gives me the creeps already. The whole episode I felt uneasy and restless! Which is how i felt after Black Swan. So after the 10 episodes i'm probably gonna have the best orgasm of my life!

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