Thursday, July 21, 2011

HAPPY birthday Charisma!

Undeniabley the most underrated actress/character in the whole Buffyverse. She spent 7 years playing Cordelia "Queen C' Chase on Buffy and Angel. Only to foil Joss Wheadon's plans for making her the big bad of season 4 on Angel, and then being put in 'a coma' only to come back for one truley amazing episode to die! I'm not even gonna go there. FUCK YOU JOSS! There are so many rumours about what happend, like Joss and co couldn't find any new directions for her character, she wanted to spend time with her baby, blah blah.  Cordy had tons of life still in her, and if your he creative genius everybody talks you up as Joss you would have found a way.  

She hasnt had any real big time stuff since, but she's appeared in lots of tv movies, some good. A three episode stint on Charmed, ooh lala! and she played on the Alicia Silverstone cancelled show Miss Match. 
She has even appeared in playboy, which I still need to get that issue! bad bad fanboy!

 I am so geeky my friend Jaime wrote ms.Carpenter for my birthday one year and I still have her picture with her signiture, Best wishes Charisma. Thos I'm sure it's just a photocopy, but It's still one of my most prized posessions.  I always loved Cordelia from the very first episode I saw of Buffy. Which coincidentaly, was at my g-ma's house(cause I never had cable at the time) was her first big episode. Out of mind Out of sight. About an invisble nerd bent of making popular Cordy's life miserable, and so begins my obsession! Cordelia 'don take no shit from nobody' Chase. Cordy was never a main character until she went to Angel (which is far superior than Buff) and blossomed. She still had her mad zingers, but she was also a hero!
I'm pretty sure were both Leo's too since my bday is only ten days after hers! So happy birthday Charisma. lets party!

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