Friday, July 15, 2011

I Bet you look good on the dancefloor playlist July 15th/2011

I like to keep it real and fresh, haha, plus I'm totally in geek love!! forever and for always, just like Shania. I only played the first couple then launched into the theme!! Which i must say is top 5 for sure with best tv theme. That guitar rift, you know!

Now around these prarie parts, we dont get too many bands from over the pond. i.d. the place where I should be living. So when i heard this next band was playing a gig, i did a little dance, and made a little love! The song that started it all...

                                               Kate Nash - I just love you more
                                              Girls - Sunshine
                                            Superhuminoids(Cosmic Kids mix) - Mirros

Special Prentation:TORCHWOOD:Lost souls original radio production.
This episode takes place sometime after the season 2 finale, and before Children of Earth, obviously.  Their were really sad moments when the others felt guilty about Toshiko and Owen. Two of the best Torchwood characters, WTF Russel! The best characters are usually the most underated and least respected! i.e. Charisma 'Cordelia Chase' Carpenter, of Buffy and Angel.
The story was pretty solid and creepy, so I must give this a bigs thumbs up, and not just for miss.Martha Jones.

Now we needs to shake it up!
 Red Martinez - The One
Cazwell - IceCream Truck
Arctic Monkeys -She's Thunderstorms
Thanks for listening everybody!

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