Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shoulda been...

This is only a taste, of the proposed Buffy animated series. After the live action ended Joss and company really wanted to do this. Their was a whole season of episodes aswell. It would have gone back to Buffy's roots. hIGH SCHOOL IS HORROR.  All of the original players would be back, i.e Cordelia and Angel. Plus Dawn would have been added to the mix. That would have been interesting, even tho Dawn is by far the worst character ever! She was nice in season 5 as 'the key', but afterwords she should have just faded away. Joss said they shopped it around to a few networks but nobody wanted it....WHAT! It would have made a great saturday morning cartoon, or late at nite. Regardless my only critisim of this sample is that it totally doesnt have my home girl Queen C. Sure she's mentioned at least. Seriously the most underated character ever!   I wish alot of my stories were in both live action and cartoon. Charmed springs to mind!


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