Monday, July 18, 2011

Speaking of...

Generic, the 4th lineup of the Sugababes unveiled their new single Freedom, on T4 on the beach below is a clip of the live show.  Bless their hearts for trying. Together they still sound amazing, Jade doesn't do too many runs. I know that girl lacks tact sometime. Tho save for the original babes the new kids live show was never that great. The track itself is a power song the babes are known for. Dance and dubstep, two of my favorite things.  All in all I'll definatley still love the Sugababes, just because i'm a loyalist. I always said I would love it if a group that I liked would be around for as long as I am...maybe these bitches are it. As much as I don't like the lineup changes, evolution, right. The original babes just got too big to be in a group.  Tho after they have all had their seperate time, one word in capitol letters...REUNION!

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