Friday, July 29, 2011

True Blood,S4epi4

oK so I'm still watching this trainwreck of a season. However I was plesantly surprised with this last installment. Despite the whole Sookie and Eric in love thing.  The story seemed to be cohesive. The characters were reacting how they should be, and not going off on some weird unconsistant tangent.  However, just how long was Jason gone for? it seemed like weeks to me, but I guess it was only like a day or two? lame.  His dreams were pretty cool tho. I love it when humans trip on V blood.  Hoight and Jason yeah.  I heard Alan wanted to turn someone gay this year...please be jason please be jason please be jason! or Sam, or Eric!

  Lafyette and Jesus packing up because now not only is Eric after them but Pam too.  It never sat well with me the whoe Lafyette freaking because Eric was coming after them, because no he really wasn't. As soon as he gets his memor back...maybe. Which is why it's ok now, I never thought of it before! It was still outta left feild. Now they're in Mexico to also invoke the spirit. Listen boys, it didnt work for Marnie, it didnt work  for Fairuza in the Craft, it aint gonna work for you. Bye Bye Jesus!

  The part that really made this episode was when Sookie was doing the undercover!  It was great to see some comedy.  In the bar, and then to the main witch in her shop.  Best line of the night "You know my favorite shows growing up were Sabrina and Charmed." Sookie Stackhouse.  bwahahahahahahaha! Charmed shout out. when she was growing up tho? whoa those shows are old! I still watch Charmed Sookie!

  Also the whole Bill incest thing was hilarious! and I actually can't wait till Sunday! for a change.


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