Monday, July 18, 2011

Wanna have the fellas locked on Ice!

Holy catfights and spotlights Fagman! It's Keisha Buchanan! Getting us primed for her solo debut, the former Sugababe reminds us to watch our backs. This means you, Heidi, Amelle and Jade!  Taking no prisoners, having no time for the generic, this track once again reminds me why the original suga's were so brilliant.
Siobhan,Keisha,Mutya the Onetouch Sugababes.

   Take a look at all three's solo stuff, Siobhan's left feild indie-emopop, Mutya's soul/rnb, and Keisha's dancehall esque/club track all super different and full. I think ms.Buchanan is taking tips from ms.Rowland, haha. Real artists, all bringing something different to the game. Then one by one being replaced by record company finds, when originaly they formed organically, more or less.
  New track Gimme Preasure, show us the power house voice is back, with that certain Keisha swag, we miss in the babes. Tho their new track forever should be an interesting listen, in it's entirerty, and not just the nokia clip.  Gimme is loaded with catchy hooks, and funny lines,and it's def real. It's a snap if your a diva song, which will def play well in the club, mirror, on the feel me?

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