Sunday, August 7, 2011

YoungAvengers:Childrens Crusade issue 6

Chalk full of goodies for everyone! This series featuring the young Avengers, the Avengers, Dr. Doom, and many more has kept me on my toes for months!  I just got through the last three issues, having to wait is horrible. But I need more than one issue at a time.  So The Young Avengers specifcally Wiccan (my dreamdate) has found the Scarlet witch only she has no memory of that, she is meerly Wanda Maximoff and she is about to marry Victor Von Doom. The Avengers come crashing in talking about killing her, Wolverine gets pretty close. Exciting cameos in all three issues.  I never knew their was a wonder man, and where did ms.Marvel come from, I thought Rouge absorbed her powers? or was that just in the cartoon. haha.  Getting to the comic book world late I don't know these things. However I really would like to read the issues where this all originally goes down.
 Back at Avengers manor, Wanda regains her memories after Billy's urging. I dont wanna go into too much detail if you would like to read it, ya know.  She seems like shes ready to pop! uh-oh...  You can really feel for her when she finally gets to tell her side. Isn't that how it always is Wanda, I feel ya sista!
  Iron lad is back from the future, Ant man is alive, and we get to see another super hero team, with another power gay couple Shatterstar and Rictor from X-Factor!! So fitting to see them in this series. So basically the Scarlet Witch wants to see if she reverse her original spell, the very powerful three little words she uttered before causing mutant genocide! "No more mutants." gives me shutters.
However one small victory doesnt let Wanda off the hook for everything, even though she was emotionally distressed at the time, and wasn't acting rationally. I mean she was going through sum shit, let her be Avengers!, But also are AntMan and Hawkeye the members she killed before?  Either way, we've seen beast in the last couple issues, now beofre the last frame we see the rest of his x-men cohorts! Cool!
But Matty Sleaze has got ALOT of catching up to do, trying to figure out who's on who's team etc, in the comic world is like being a lesbian in the dating world,  messy!

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