Monday, September 26, 2011

Ianto + Jack = tru love 4eva!

Some couples in tv history are just meant to be together no matter what. The J & I love story took over three seasons to bloom, and one tragic unmerciliss moment to tear it apart. Ianto was once asked by his sister if he was gay, he said no, it was just Jack! I just put my hand to my sentimental heartstrings! Now hear are ust a few pics of some other hopelessly tragic true lover couples, that were torn apart by cruel writers and fate...

Brenda and Dylan original 90210, guess you shouldn't have gone to Paris Brenda!
Angel and Cordy, yes Cordelia not Buffy!
Sam and Diane

Roseanne and Dan, he died in the end, it was sad!

Tara and Willow

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