Monday, September 26, 2011

Jem and the holograms Lesbian Kiss?>>>

Ok so I recently downloaded the whole series, I'm only done season one, but I remember all the reasons I loved it as a kid, and they are all still valid. If you've seen the movie But I'ma cheerleader or are a big homo like me, then you'll know what a root is. I'm pretty sure this is mine! hehe.  Their outrageous outfits, mishaps, bubblegum pop songs, the very 80's feel, the classic animation, and The Misfits (yes, their songs are better!) So anyways, I was watching and stoned in my bed, thinking how progressiv Jem was for the times, I saw a couple of things that proved this to be true... Not only did they have a Jem boy in the crowd with a Jem shirt(totally me/ totally a cute little gay man in training) they seem to have a lesbian couple kissing in joy that the Holograms triumphed over the evil misunderstood Misfits...I took a screen cap to be sure, but now the choice is yours.... Can you see them? dressed in yellow, and they are two of the starlight orphan girls, so semi regulars on the show, weeeeeeeeeee! It's Showtime Synergy!

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