Monday, September 26, 2011

Pulling out all the stops for FM-Phasis 2011!

Since I do volunteer radio every year we must take the time and become incessently annoying with our asking for your hard earned muney! It seems like everyone is doing the same time of year, just before the holidays, when they ask for even more $$$!  We may not like it, but I do enjoy being on the radio. 
This week I wanted to open with one of my favorites lil skits, a scene from Gregg Araki's 1997 Nowhere.
The Valley girl scene, down in herstory as the best valley girl scene ever, sorry Alicia!

Now it was also a happy birthday to a)Billie 'why you gotta play that song so loud' Piper and 
b) my sister, so she wanted to hear sum ol skool Salt n Pepa, so
None of yo buisness dusted off its soxs!
Relying on old Classiks I told the listeners what they could get for 10 dollars, and then so did tM.I.A.

 Teenboy squad -Lipstick face
Billionaire- Peaches feat.Shunda K.
Because we want to -Billie
 Free Fantasy
So far
This is where the sun is -Feral Children mini concert
Back lot - Elliot Brood
Vogue - Madonna
A man/me/then Jim - Rilo Kiley
Uh oh- Lumidee
Underground - Kimya Dawson
Poison - Bel Biv Devoe

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