Monday, September 26, 2011

'was no miracle for series 4 of Torchwood

To say that I was delightfully surprised at how the new Torchwood series was handled would be a bold face lie!  Granted Russel T.Davies was onbored and it did seem like he had a lot of control, however this is not Torchwood. It was a seriously poor take ona true vision.  Sure it had its moments,it's chilling, hair raising, tear rolling down your cheek moments, but in ten shiney episodes they were were just too few and far between.

Veiwers and I'm sure the producers were hoping for something a little like season 3 mini series Children of Earth. Unlike Earth which had 5, 90min episodes, to Miracle Days ten at 50 min a pop, you'd think that they wouldnt need to take such giant steps to get from one plotline to another.  The american characters were washed out and stereotypical, I've seen enough NYPD Blue to know! Mekhi Phiffer as tough c.i.a agent, and Alexa whatever her last name is is def no Tosh!!  Even Jack and Gwen our only original cast members left seem out of place. Maybe it's america? No, that whole Gwens father plotline was sooo boring! and that was in Wales!
So 8 episodes of buildup, Lauren Ambrose is an awesome guest role, slightly saved this thing for me, though I did keep hopeing she would be slightly more intersting. Bill Pullman had his moments for sure...We even got a visit from Nana Visitor (major Kira ST-DS9, idiot)!

 Alot of people complain about main character and hero Captain Jack Harkness being too gay. When he was first introduced way back during Christopher Ecclestons reign as the 9th Doctor in the rebooted series in 2005, he claimed he was everythingsexual, in his last moments he kissed the doctor!  That was pretty big in tv and who history! I know I definatly rewound a couple times. Eventually through the years tho it's only ever been men. Alonso (Russel Tovey), Ianto Jones (Gareth David Lloyd), to name a few important ones. So basically he became another hero of sorts. The only gay sci-fi action hero!! well that I know of, feel free to prove me wrong... And when you partner with an american cable network, prepare for the sex!!  I was definatley pleased with the way the handled this issue of sexuality, and the hot steamy sex scenes! They didnt shy away from that some wished they would have. Garuntteed we didn't hear that much flack for the Vera and Mekhi scene, which went on a little too long in my opinion! aha! p.s. Poor poor Vera!! Oh well deny all you want homosexuality is in! and in the end of Torchwood it always go back to Jack! and sure he may like to try everything, but just because I try the fish, doesnt mean my favorite still isnt the chicken!
So by the end when you finally get to see 'the miracle' its so underwhelming, that even though it's interesting and solid, you just wish somehow their was more to it than that. Like the new Doctor who series you just want it to be on the same level it has always been, not slipping! You know its better than this!!

It sarted to quickley and ended the same way, with alot of boring fillar! I feel like their shoulda have been another couple of episodes, it ended on a lousy cliffhanger! Now with Russel doing his new show about gay men(thank god) tentativley titled Cucumbers, and knowledge that Miracles days ratings were less than stella, and no gossip about another series, will the bitter taste of Miracle day be the last from Torchwood? Or will the BBC take it back completley for series 5, where in they must ask Freema Agyeman aka Martha Jones the best companion evar!!! to come back. Oh the possibilities and conspiracies.  Maybe Ruseel is just tired of doing aliens and the like, Cucumbers may be a good regenerative process! either way, I'm glad they didnt do more than 10 episodes cause all in all they probably got about 1 full good one! Pity!   also they should have used the theme song!!!

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