Monday, December 10, 2012


In an excellent response song, Katy B asks our baby girl to please leave her man alone, because you know If your girl only knew! girl *poof!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oops! I Think Glee did it again!

So surviving the summer break, and the on again off again schedual that was season 3, GLEE IS BACK.  As always when the premeire episode started I had my doubts. The new cast,  surving the 3 season curse, and where the hell is miss.Lopez?  So in order to ensure that they cameback with fire, they turned to no one else but Britney Spears!  Britney 2.0 to be exact. The new cast still has to work their charms, Kate Hudson is hilarious, and I still miss Santana.  Always when watching Glee I feel a little sad I cannot do it aswell, but it makes me hopeful for the future as I laugh or cry histerically!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Well it had to happen sooner or later. And sooner it did. American Idol producers are loving this one, when in the early stages of auditions Mz.Mimi, and Minaj began to roe!

Oh Nicki yes Mirah probably was being passive agressive, and the reason you got so upset is because you are a little too.  Minaj is hilarious ranting like a lunatic. at least Mimi keeps her cool.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

More from this years Power Morphicon!...

Ok so this one is from awhile ago, but what a photo OP! Zack and Aisha with cosplay Rita. Best costume ever!!

Almost a full team. I forget the guy on the far left, however Tony Oliver(producer) Jason Narvy (Skull), Karan Ashley (Aisha 2nd Yellow MMPR), Robert Axelrod (voice of Lord Zedd), Blake Foster (Justin Blue Turbo), Walter Emanuel Jones (Zack Original Black MMPR), Nakia Burrise (Tanya Zeo #2 Yellow),Steve Cardenas (Rocky 2nd Red MMPR) AND of course on the bottom Barbara Goodson the voice of the one and only Rita Repulsa. NERDGASM!!!  No Pink Ranger but two yellow rangers! fair trade.

Catherine Sutherland (Kat 2nd Pink MMPR-Turbo) and Nakia Burrise( A poor mans Aisha)


Team RIRI at it again...

New day, new Rihanna album. I don't even think it's been 6 months since her last one. Not that anyone can keep track anymore. Hey Rihanna you want a number one album? Then you should probably release a greatest hits package then. The singles Queen is back with the new cover for her new single DIAMONDS due this Wednesday.  Say one thing for Fenty and her crew, her visuals and art are usually spot on, even if her singing isn't. Peep the new cover below. Awesome!!  That's why I love her!  haha!  Hey RiRi I'll smoke that witchu!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ok, one more thing

SINCE I am always and forever obsessed with the Power Rangers, and am currently watching ZEO(for the 1st time I might add) it seems odd to me that coincidentally I randomly stumbled upon Sweet Valley again. Both produced by Saban. So in an odd crossover while watching the 3rd ever Sweet Valley episode, one of the twin's stumbled upon the Red Ranger doing stunt work with a monster and a putty. Weird? no? I feel like my childhood is trying to tell me something...

skip to about the 2:50 mark.

also from the VAULT...

Remember this...???
I sure do! I loved it, and the theme song still gets caught in head to this day! I remember being a kid and playing it (by myself of course), and you know those fisher price farms? well you know the silo roof? well it came off, and I would always tie it around my head like a beret! Just like Lila the sassy ginger! What I dont' remember is Jessica being such a slutty bitch! haha! But thank you whoever uploaded it on YOUTUBE! It's so so bad, it's actually fantastic!  I can't wait until I see the halloween episode, the only one I remember!



Sunday, September 16, 2012

GO,GO Power Rangers!

Aisha, Rocky, Billy then...

Steve Cardenas, Karan Ashley, David Yost now.
Season 2 cast after the controversial power transfer.

It;s really nice to see that my childhood hero's are still actually my hero's.   David being the original blue Ranger and I think the only out member of any ranger team. Said he left finally after 4 years due to constanley getting picked on. I heard that David, but just morph and kick their ass! Tho 4 years musta not been that bad. At least Rocky and Aisha are down.  Aisha lets party!, being the closet thing to the original yellow power ranger as I can get! and Rocky lets have sex! Billy, you work on those biceps a little more!

Friday, September 14, 2012

one of my fav Bond themes.

and a-ha are so sexy!!


Street of Dreams?

To bad I can't wait till It tours over to me!!

Todd and the book of pure AWESOME!

In mere dumb luck, I stumbled upon what would later become a slight obsession. Thank you 12 days of Spacemas!  Also I love a good marathon.  So in a bitter sweet season 2 finale I discovered that due to loser piraters like me, shows like this get cancelled! But I would gladly pay for this show! Ten times over.  Smart, so sophisticated that it made you think it wasn't, brilliantly subversive, and fucking hilarious!    It's not my fault all the cable companies have lost my trust, and wont let me pick what channels I want not the packages but the channels!  Or is it that the man don't pay me!?    So I sincerely hope it comes back in comic or tv movie form if not a full series!  What an ending!!!
Hey it takes a special show to pull off a musical episode!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Pond life pt.2

Scary cliffhanger! but cute ood scene! It seems like you wait forever and once it's here it's already over. hoe hum! But We have until Christmas with new episodes!!  so WOOT WOOT!


When I was a kid. haha.  the YTV Generation knows what I'm talking about. I use to recite whole episodes and be basically a specatle of sorts.  Remember PJ.PHIL, Ashna, Jenn? I do and especially Katie!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pond life.

In tru delicious hype fashion. Before the new season starts we get little teaser episodes. What happens in between the time travel...who cares!  But it's definatley working on me! I can't wait. I always have fresh new hope, and with this being Amy(Karen Gillian) and Rory's(the delicious Arthur Darvill) last season, the stakes are high for Moffat and the gang!  New companion...Dinosaurs...River Song(yawn) question tho...Where's the fez?

Whatever enjoy...

a little something...

to look forward to... finally.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Herschal Berschal, I love you. Rest in Peace.


At four years old, in the evening of Aug, 20th. Herschal sadly passed away.  I know great Danes don't live long, but Herschal you were not around long enough. I wonder when I will stop bursting into tears? I wonder if Eva and Alister get it? I wonder if the ritual I did, did anything but make me feel slightly better for a minute.  I can't look at his blue couch, we buried him already, with his toys.  I gave him one last hug and kiss, grabbed that big paw. and will never get one of his hershey kisses again.  I will miss the way we jammed together Herschal, weather I had the harmonica, you, your squeaky toy, or we both just howled liked dogs.  You were the best dog, I want you to drool on me once more please!  I love you I love you I love you.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


In what was probably really hard to write and post Frank once again confirms he knows his way around words. So beautifully written, it made my heart ache. In every way it possibly can.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

best of the 90's

I remember actually watching this show when it was new. Being sad that it was over, and following Jennifer Love Hewitt to New york. So recently it just popped up in my head again, and I have devoured the entire first season in like four days. It woud have been one day im sure if work and damn sleep didnt get in y way.  Feels like its brand new still. From 94-2000 the Salingers went from loosing their parents to about every form of violence.  I love watching Lacey Chabert grow up, and now watching this show as a adult and not growing up with Claudia, it's nnice to disect it more, and  really delve in.  There was a gay episode and in 94 I did get a bit nervous, but they handled it with grace, and didnt make me feel bad about it. I knew Claudia's violin teacher was gay. Too bad it didnt involve Mathew Fox! hehe.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Wack Wack

Does anyone remember Ed the sock, Electric Circus or how about these girls...
the Canadian popstars Sugar Jones! oh yes I went there and it was amazing.
Happy beleated bday to ms.Mutya Buena, last tuesday I think.
                                             Sugababes - Nasty Ghetto
                                            Ice Cube - Check yo self - for all the crack heads on the corner.
Special request for Al who talked about a mile a minute- The Bee Gees - Lonely days
                                          FannyPack - Keep on
                                          Grease - It's raining on prom night
Sometimes joke songs are way better than the shit I hear on the actual radio so...  In honer of those people who it seems like you have to start all over every time you see them....
                                         Gemini's Twin - Wack Wack
                                         Shy Ronnie & Rhianna - Ronnie and Clyde
                                         The Lonely Island & Micheal Bolton - Jack Sparrow
                                         The Lonely Island - Jizz in my pants
                                         Gossip - Involved
                                         The Prodigy & Juliette Lewis - Hot Ride ******
                                         Active Child and How to dress well - Playing house
                                         Sia - Breath Me (Butch Clancy mix)
                                         The Descendants - It's  a Hectic World***
                                         Death Grips - Guillotine
                                         Vacationer - Trip

Friday, May 18, 2012

Been ghone for minute...

radio playlist for may something...

I wish to be one of her backround dancers!!!
Das Racist - Shut up, Dude!
Sunny Ali & the Kid - Chai
Fat Segal - Skins theme tune
Suicidal tendencies - I saw your mommy
BBU f.GLC - The Hood
Aaliyah - Extra Smooth
Los Rakas *********
Magia, Interlude f.Kaz Kyzah, Paraiso.
2 Live Crew - Me so Horny
Donna Summer - Love to love you baby
The Dogs - Your mama's on crack rock***
Two Door Cinema Club - RAC MIX  Something good can work!
Beastie Boys - You gotta fight, for your to Paaaaaaaaaarty

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

DC-3 Reunited...well almost.

Peep this weird candid pic of LaTavia, Le Toya , Michelle. Oh yeah and Rudy huxtable was their too!
The originals and the replacement... Looks like all that Mathew Knowels drama is past them. Though I'm sure Mathew hasn't gotten over it yet!  I know, since Beyonce and Kelly are sooo over Destiny's Child, why not these three ladies as Destiny's Child, since they were. Y'all feel free to record a great record and show that DC doesnt just have to be about Beyonce! All are beautiful and talented, and should have their own featured time! I WISH I WISH I WISH!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Remembering Ms.Left Eye

10 years since Lisa had her last block party. Aged just 30 at the hands of a freak car accident in the Honduras.  Left eye was crazy sexy cool, and when I got a little crazy over a boy, I just remember how she burt her ex bf's house to DA GROUND, then however crazy i've gotten, its not so bad.  Your flow, your style, your attitude and beyond no words could exactly say how much you are missed, better than your own!

and some other genius Left eye moments...

Friday, April 6, 2012

Leave me, lying here!

my playlist for the radio thing I do once a know.

                                                                Donnis - Here to Stay
                                                      Matty Sleeze (7=5 cover) - Sunny Vitimine D
                                                          The Streets - weak becomes Heros
                                                               Eve - Love is Blind
                                                       Heathers Soundtrack - Teenage Suicide
                                                           Rilo Kiley - Go ahead
                                                                              Hail to the sunlight that surrounds you
                                                       When Saints go machine - Bittersweet Symphony - Verve cover
                                     Magic Wands - Burning up - Madonna Cover
                                                            Veruca Salt - Volcano Girls
                                                                                No doubt - Sunday Morning****

Sunday, April 1, 2012

lazy rainy sunday afternoon!

Filled with old doctor Who episodes, sketching, Nirvana, and the All Saints, of course.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Always a week late....

but at least Im trying. I dont want anyone to miss out because im a lazy bastard! haha, but here is my setlist for last Thursdays I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor.   its fantastic!

Premeir Garbage - Blood for Poppies**
CSS - City grrrl Teethmix
Nivana - Stay Away
Aqua - My mamma said
Peaches - Tent in your Pants
Sugababes - Lush Life
Tonight (L-Vis 1990 & Simbad's 3am Mix)   -  L-Vis 1990
Nathan - Take these things****

Sunday, March 25, 2012

from the vault...

As close to the original babes as you got up until recently. The gig also was the begining of the end for this lineup as well. A sMutya left at the new year. So enjoy the low quality, and version 2.0!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Everything is better in Anime!

setlist for MARCH 15TH/2012

Star Trek Original Series Intro
Hex Girlfriend - neon Indian **
Blinded by the lights - The Streets***
Why oh Why - Cam'rom, Vado, Mackenzie Eddy
U did that - Teairra Mari****
Perfect World - GOSSIP
Dark Star - Polica
Uncrushable (jay faymix) - Bro safari
She's a Buddist, Ima Cubist - Lushlife
Conquer - Mobb Deep
Lazy Slave - Dope Body **
No Hands - Mirel Wagner
Hospice GATES - lOWERD dens
Ill Manors (the Podigy mix) - Plan B****
She said (16bit mix) - Plan B ****

Friday, March 16, 2012

Most unlikely-but welcome crossover ever.

Peep the cover image for IDW  May publication crossover between Doctor Who and Star Trek the Next Generation!   I'm so excited I can't help but blog about it! I hope Whoopie makes a cameo!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


 The long awaited mixtape by former Pussycat Doll Melody is here. PISS ON YOUR BACK LIST is not quite a full cohesive album, but thats the joy of calling it a mixtape! is her blogsite where you can et it ll for free today! Below are a couple of tracks if you care to listen. Great cover of bulletproof by La Roux!

01 Intro by Melody Thornton
02 Sweet Vendetta by Melody Thornton
03 Lipstick
08 Bulletproof Feat. Bobby Newberry by Melody Thornton

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tru Romance.

  When I saw my sexy man Christian Slater in the 6th and final Star Trek film featuring the original cast. The Undiscovered Country aka the future, was a pretty decent send off! Best last line ever by Kirk, when Uhura tells him that Starfleet wants the Enterprise A to come home to be decomisioned, and Spock makes a joke about them going to hell, the crew waits for rders and kirk tells them "2nd star to the right and straight on till morning." I fyou don't know that's from Peter Pan and it was nice touch.

   It even featured Kim Cattrell, Iman, RenĂ© Auberjonois (of Deep space Nine)  and Micheal Dorn (Worf of next gen, ds9 and now the original, good one Micheal)!!  But seriously I blew my load when those door's slide open to sulu's (George Takei, you know 'it's ok to be Takei') bed chambers to reveal avery young Slater in a can't help bt be sexy in that uniform cameo!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Remembering B.I.G.

                       Christopher George Latore Wallace (May 21, 1972 - March 9, 1997)

I'm in a girl group!

Yes Keisha, it does sound a tad bitchy, but who cares at this point! The original babes were the best, and the only reason you can talk alot of shit is because y'all can back it up! Long live the One Touch babes!

mmmmmm......Bacon Butty's

What I did today...

Was watch an incredible amount of Corrie!! from like 5am to 4pm all the while speaking with a corrie accent!! I never knew just how addicting it could be.  I should have known better.
It was Tracy's big send off! the trial, for killing her boyfriend, was it self defense or was it pre meditated murder... dum dum dum.  This show makes me want to drink an incredible amount of beer! Not smoke cigerette's while wanting to smoke one, and fuck! bwahahahaha!  I'll never catch up tho :(  It's the show that nevers ends!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Former Pussycat Doll cometh...

With March 15 fastly approaching fans may rejoice as they hear Melody's first collection as a solo artist.  My favorite labeling 'mixtape' will be available for free on her website, and I'm sure by other means aswell.  Melody has sure shown she can hold her own. When the Pussycat Dolls first started she would get the ad libs, and a line or two here and their, she was obviously better than front doll Nicole. Which is why I'm sure they used her. Even more so on their 2nd album Doll Domination. Which was sadly to be the last for this line up.  With their doll domination tour reports of in fighting and jelousy began to run rampid. Nicoles arrogant attitude towards the other members finally came to a head, when Melody said some things in concert.  
Ok, so not directly directed at Nicole, but very much implied.  The others dolls all got solo songs for their 2nd outing following fans orders! Melody and Ashley are the only two to actually sing their song live!  Reguardless, age old song in pop super girl-groups.  Here's Melody's tracklisting for the mixtape...
1.   Intro
2.   Sweet Vendetta
3.   Lipstick&Guilt
4.   Smoking Gun
5.   Loving You Better
6.   Crazy Mixed Girl
7.   The One That Got Away
8.   Bulletproof Feat. Bobby Newberry
9.   Someone To Believe In
10. Hit The Ground Runnin’
Wow, sounds like ol Melody has some issues to work out.  Cant wait!

sO hawt!!!

Pharell out and about!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Brutha from the same mutha!

As I sit and watch the first 3 new episodes from UK gold Being Human, trying to get into the new dynamic. I find myself thinking "gee, that Tom sure looks like Kelly from Misfits"  another superb british t.v. show. Both absolutley superb! The first thing I noticed was how they both talked, haha. Then I decide to make a post about it, and as i'm looking for pictures of them both I come across another blog about the same thing!  In reality they are brother and sister! So mystery solved.
Lauren Socha

Micheal Socha