Friday, January 27, 2012

IBetYouLookGoodOnTheDancefloor sock hop!!

                         Seven day fool - RI.P. Etta James. One of the sassiest black women ever!
seriously try to do this for the whole song, it's not that long...or is it?
I will follow him - Dee Dee Sharp
Judy's turn to cry - Lesley Gore
Sleep talk -Shannon and the clams
Please, Mr.Postman - The Marvelettes
Gossip - the Tiffany's
Look in my eyes - The Chantels
Gravy(for my mashed potatoes) - Dee Dee Sharp
For those who don't know exactly what 'gravy' is it means a little kissing a little huggin and cuddlin, everything but...
This is a man's world - James Brown
Show me how- The Emotions
The Leader of the pack - The Shangri la's
I want you back - Jackson 5
I'd like to know - Naomi and the boy's
Sugar Town - Lara and the trailors
Be my baby - The Ronnettes
Love is a losing game -Amy Winehouse
The Locomotion - Little Eva

I love having my own radio show!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

cfcr playlist for Jan19th/2012

Opened the show with a freestyle rap about my baby girl the L I Y A H. and transitioned into Rock the boat of course.  Then got the show started off proper with...
*new Die Antwoord - I Fink your Freaky
Kay the Aquanaut - kILL you
Chucha SantaMaria Y Usted - Fibre Tropical

Rusko f.Amber Coffman (12 planet mix) - Hold On
Pens - You only love me when i tell you that Im wrong
The Naked and Famous - No way
Aggro Santos with Kimberly Walsh - Like U LiKE

****so obsessed
Donnis - Country Cool (also this is the 2nd time Donnis references A different world the cosby show spin off. In this he ref Dwayne wayne, in Ring my bell f.Dev he ref Whitley Gilbert, I just watched all 6 seasons of this in about a month, hahahaha!)
Erik Hassle - Hurtful
Janet Jackson - if
Ellie Goulding -Your song (blackmill dubstep)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I know I've probably posted this same video on multipe occasions, but it never hurts to post again.  Happy Birthday sweet angel who walked on Earth. January 16 you would have been 33 today (if I did my math correctly)  Something about you, and you don't even know how much you have affected me or countless others. I'm not even sure why you get me the way you do. When I discovered you, you were just some smooth sounds I stole from my sisters room to fall asleep to. I must have listened to the One in a million record for months while drifting off to sleep. Suddenly before I even really knew you, you were gone.  Im not sure if I believe in a God as an entity, but I do beleive you are an angel.  What was that dream you once had. You told someone about it in an interview just before this video shoot, where you said you were floating and completely at peace. Weird.  You were my first ever wet dream too Aaliyah, and Im a gay man! If I only become half of what you were.... Rest in peace! Lets Party!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who will be the family wizard?

So after four seasons the quirkey but brilliant often Wizards of Waverly Place comes to an end.  Now i'm not condoning Disney in anyway, but sometimes you gotta give props where props is due.  I discovered Wizards channel surfing one day i'm sure like probably one year ago. I immediatley became enamoured and starting pvr-ing it and thats basically all I did! i had a lot to catch up on. A family of wizards and all the wacky hijinks they get themselves into. What could be better?
Star Selena Gomez was Alex the rebel with a cause, her laziness could only be rivaled by her comedic timing. I guess they're all acting on the show and have good direction. I'll miss the mother played by Maria Canals-Barerra, the hot brothers, and Harpers interesting outfits.  
Like every show it had its up's and downs, so when they announced the 4th season would be the last I was shocked but not surprised, so I geared up for a crAzy spectacular last season. however it seemed to me that they had quite run out of steam, tho it did get super good at parts, but I felt like they werent even trying in some.  Maybe I expect too much from a kids family show. haha. I wish it could have been more like adult!  Hopefully someone will make a comic!!
The last episode see's the kids compete to be the family wizard (their can only be one, of course) I wont give it away, hehe, but it's a surprsing end, and I was almost completley satisfied (one can never be completely, right) So thanks Disney, I guess.


I know I havn't been around for a mintue, but hopefully i'll do more! Lack of passion in all acpects as of late. Strugglin, and it's troublin, with the circumstances I find myself in the corner huddlin. I think this chinook my hometown is experiencing is causing everyone to be a little on edge.  Or the fact that this is not what I had envisioned for my life. Still the world moves on and if you want something, go out and get, and stop I repeat STOP, huddling in the corner!  As I try to be more couragous this new year, I realize why I stopped thinking about the future in the first place...because of my problems in the presant. Im only 26 and I feel like I have to rush to catch up to everyone. Also to the place I would like to be. Why can't I do it then?  Sure I have a shitty job, and Im always broke and can't afford certain luxeries like braces...yet. but am I gonna be 40 with braces?  Id really love to try my hand at acting, but that totally hinders me! not that my teeth are even  that bad, dont you always judge yourself more harshly.

    So I need to buckle down, and compete with every single other person on the planet! but hurry cause they're also having babies, and now you have them to contend with aswell.  It's so very hard to focus!  So good luck in 2012, since it's the last one ever...lets try to take it day by day and make every moment count! blah blah wank!!