Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I know I havn't been around for a mintue, but hopefully i'll do more! Lack of passion in all acpects as of late. Strugglin, and it's troublin, with the circumstances I find myself in the corner huddlin. I think this chinook my hometown is experiencing is causing everyone to be a little on edge.  Or the fact that this is not what I had envisioned for my life. Still the world moves on and if you want something, go out and get, and stop I repeat STOP, huddling in the corner!  As I try to be more couragous this new year, I realize why I stopped thinking about the future in the first place...because of my problems in the presant. Im only 26 and I feel like I have to rush to catch up to everyone. Also to the place I would like to be. Why can't I do it then?  Sure I have a shitty job, and Im always broke and can't afford certain luxeries like braces...yet. but am I gonna be 40 with braces?  Id really love to try my hand at acting, but that totally hinders me! not that my teeth are even  that bad, dont you always judge yourself more harshly.

    So I need to buckle down, and compete with every single other person on the planet! but hurry cause they're also having babies, and now you have them to contend with aswell.  It's so very hard to focus!  So good luck in 2012, since it's the last one ever...lets try to take it day by day and make every moment count! blah blah wank!!

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