Sunday, January 15, 2012

I know I've probably posted this same video on multipe occasions, but it never hurts to post again.  Happy Birthday sweet angel who walked on Earth. January 16 you would have been 33 today (if I did my math correctly)  Something about you, and you don't even know how much you have affected me or countless others. I'm not even sure why you get me the way you do. When I discovered you, you were just some smooth sounds I stole from my sisters room to fall asleep to. I must have listened to the One in a million record for months while drifting off to sleep. Suddenly before I even really knew you, you were gone.  Im not sure if I believe in a God as an entity, but I do beleive you are an angel.  What was that dream you once had. You told someone about it in an interview just before this video shoot, where you said you were floating and completely at peace. Weird.  You were my first ever wet dream too Aaliyah, and Im a gay man! If I only become half of what you were.... Rest in peace! Lets Party!

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