Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who will be the family wizard?

So after four seasons the quirkey but brilliant often Wizards of Waverly Place comes to an end.  Now i'm not condoning Disney in anyway, but sometimes you gotta give props where props is due.  I discovered Wizards channel surfing one day i'm sure like probably one year ago. I immediatley became enamoured and starting pvr-ing it and thats basically all I did! i had a lot to catch up on. A family of wizards and all the wacky hijinks they get themselves into. What could be better?
Star Selena Gomez was Alex the rebel with a cause, her laziness could only be rivaled by her comedic timing. I guess they're all acting on the show and have good direction. I'll miss the mother played by Maria Canals-Barerra, the hot brothers, and Harpers interesting outfits.  
Like every show it had its up's and downs, so when they announced the 4th season would be the last I was shocked but not surprised, so I geared up for a crAzy spectacular last season. however it seemed to me that they had quite run out of steam, tho it did get super good at parts, but I felt like they werent even trying in some.  Maybe I expect too much from a kids family show. haha. I wish it could have been more like adult!  Hopefully someone will make a comic!!
The last episode see's the kids compete to be the family wizard (their can only be one, of course) I wont give it away, hehe, but it's a surprsing end, and I was almost completley satisfied (one can never be completely, right) So thanks Disney, I guess.

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