Thursday, March 8, 2012

Former Pussycat Doll cometh...

With March 15 fastly approaching fans may rejoice as they hear Melody's first collection as a solo artist.  My favorite labeling 'mixtape' will be available for free on her website, and I'm sure by other means aswell.  Melody has sure shown she can hold her own. When the Pussycat Dolls first started she would get the ad libs, and a line or two here and their, she was obviously better than front doll Nicole. Which is why I'm sure they used her. Even more so on their 2nd album Doll Domination. Which was sadly to be the last for this line up.  With their doll domination tour reports of in fighting and jelousy began to run rampid. Nicoles arrogant attitude towards the other members finally came to a head, when Melody said some things in concert.  
Ok, so not directly directed at Nicole, but very much implied.  The others dolls all got solo songs for their 2nd outing following fans orders! Melody and Ashley are the only two to actually sing their song live!  Reguardless, age old song in pop super girl-groups.  Here's Melody's tracklisting for the mixtape...
1.   Intro
2.   Sweet Vendetta
3.   Lipstick&Guilt
4.   Smoking Gun
5.   Loving You Better
6.   Crazy Mixed Girl
7.   The One That Got Away
8.   Bulletproof Feat. Bobby Newberry
9.   Someone To Believe In
10. Hit The Ground Runnin’
Wow, sounds like ol Melody has some issues to work out.  Cant wait!

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