Friday, April 6, 2012

Leave me, lying here!

my playlist for the radio thing I do once a know.

                                                                Donnis - Here to Stay
                                                      Matty Sleeze (7=5 cover) - Sunny Vitimine D
                                                          The Streets - weak becomes Heros
                                                               Eve - Love is Blind
                                                       Heathers Soundtrack - Teenage Suicide
                                                           Rilo Kiley - Go ahead
                                                                              Hail to the sunlight that surrounds you
                                                       When Saints go machine - Bittersweet Symphony - Verve cover
                                     Magic Wands - Burning up - Madonna Cover
                                                            Veruca Salt - Volcano Girls
                                                                                No doubt - Sunday Morning****

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