Friday, May 18, 2012

Been ghone for minute...

radio playlist for may something...

I wish to be one of her backround dancers!!!
Das Racist - Shut up, Dude!
Sunny Ali & the Kid - Chai
Fat Segal - Skins theme tune
Suicidal tendencies - I saw your mommy
BBU f.GLC - The Hood
Aaliyah - Extra Smooth
Los Rakas *********
Magia, Interlude f.Kaz Kyzah, Paraiso.
2 Live Crew - Me so Horny
Donna Summer - Love to love you baby
The Dogs - Your mama's on crack rock***
Two Door Cinema Club - RAC MIX  Something good can work!
Beastie Boys - You gotta fight, for your to Paaaaaaaaaarty

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