Friday, May 25, 2012

Wack Wack

Does anyone remember Ed the sock, Electric Circus or how about these girls...
the Canadian popstars Sugar Jones! oh yes I went there and it was amazing.
Happy beleated bday to ms.Mutya Buena, last tuesday I think.
                                             Sugababes - Nasty Ghetto
                                            Ice Cube - Check yo self - for all the crack heads on the corner.
Special request for Al who talked about a mile a minute- The Bee Gees - Lonely days
                                          FannyPack - Keep on
                                          Grease - It's raining on prom night
Sometimes joke songs are way better than the shit I hear on the actual radio so...  In honer of those people who it seems like you have to start all over every time you see them....
                                         Gemini's Twin - Wack Wack
                                         Shy Ronnie & Rhianna - Ronnie and Clyde
                                         The Lonely Island & Micheal Bolton - Jack Sparrow
                                         The Lonely Island - Jizz in my pants
                                         Gossip - Involved
                                         The Prodigy & Juliette Lewis - Hot Ride ******
                                         Active Child and How to dress well - Playing house
                                         Sia - Breath Me (Butch Clancy mix)
                                         The Descendants - It's  a Hectic World***
                                         Death Grips - Guillotine
                                         Vacationer - Trip

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