Sunday, July 1, 2012

best of the 90's

I remember actually watching this show when it was new. Being sad that it was over, and following Jennifer Love Hewitt to New york. So recently it just popped up in my head again, and I have devoured the entire first season in like four days. It woud have been one day im sure if work and damn sleep didnt get in y way.  Feels like its brand new still. From 94-2000 the Salingers went from loosing their parents to about every form of violence.  I love watching Lacey Chabert grow up, and now watching this show as a adult and not growing up with Claudia, it's nnice to disect it more, and  really delve in.  There was a gay episode and in 94 I did get a bit nervous, but they handled it with grace, and didnt make me feel bad about it. I knew Claudia's violin teacher was gay. Too bad it didnt involve Mathew Fox! hehe.

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