Monday, September 24, 2012

More from this years Power Morphicon!...

Ok so this one is from awhile ago, but what a photo OP! Zack and Aisha with cosplay Rita. Best costume ever!!

Almost a full team. I forget the guy on the far left, however Tony Oliver(producer) Jason Narvy (Skull), Karan Ashley (Aisha 2nd Yellow MMPR), Robert Axelrod (voice of Lord Zedd), Blake Foster (Justin Blue Turbo), Walter Emanuel Jones (Zack Original Black MMPR), Nakia Burrise (Tanya Zeo #2 Yellow),Steve Cardenas (Rocky 2nd Red MMPR) AND of course on the bottom Barbara Goodson the voice of the one and only Rita Repulsa. NERDGASM!!!  No Pink Ranger but two yellow rangers! fair trade.

Catherine Sutherland (Kat 2nd Pink MMPR-Turbo) and Nakia Burrise( A poor mans Aisha)


Team RIRI at it again...

New day, new Rihanna album. I don't even think it's been 6 months since her last one. Not that anyone can keep track anymore. Hey Rihanna you want a number one album? Then you should probably release a greatest hits package then. The singles Queen is back with the new cover for her new single DIAMONDS due this Wednesday.  Say one thing for Fenty and her crew, her visuals and art are usually spot on, even if her singing isn't. Peep the new cover below. Awesome!!  That's why I love her!  haha!  Hey RiRi I'll smoke that witchu!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ok, one more thing

SINCE I am always and forever obsessed with the Power Rangers, and am currently watching ZEO(for the 1st time I might add) it seems odd to me that coincidentally I randomly stumbled upon Sweet Valley again. Both produced by Saban. So in an odd crossover while watching the 3rd ever Sweet Valley episode, one of the twin's stumbled upon the Red Ranger doing stunt work with a monster and a putty. Weird? no? I feel like my childhood is trying to tell me something...

skip to about the 2:50 mark.

also from the VAULT...

Remember this...???
I sure do! I loved it, and the theme song still gets caught in head to this day! I remember being a kid and playing it (by myself of course), and you know those fisher price farms? well you know the silo roof? well it came off, and I would always tie it around my head like a beret! Just like Lila the sassy ginger! What I dont' remember is Jessica being such a slutty bitch! haha! But thank you whoever uploaded it on YOUTUBE! It's so so bad, it's actually fantastic!  I can't wait until I see the halloween episode, the only one I remember!



Sunday, September 16, 2012

GO,GO Power Rangers!

Aisha, Rocky, Billy then...

Steve Cardenas, Karan Ashley, David Yost now.
Season 2 cast after the controversial power transfer.

It;s really nice to see that my childhood hero's are still actually my hero's.   David being the original blue Ranger and I think the only out member of any ranger team. Said he left finally after 4 years due to constanley getting picked on. I heard that David, but just morph and kick their ass! Tho 4 years musta not been that bad. At least Rocky and Aisha are down.  Aisha lets party!, being the closet thing to the original yellow power ranger as I can get! and Rocky lets have sex! Billy, you work on those biceps a little more!

Friday, September 14, 2012

one of my fav Bond themes.

and a-ha are so sexy!!


Street of Dreams?

To bad I can't wait till It tours over to me!!

Todd and the book of pure AWESOME!

In mere dumb luck, I stumbled upon what would later become a slight obsession. Thank you 12 days of Spacemas!  Also I love a good marathon.  So in a bitter sweet season 2 finale I discovered that due to loser piraters like me, shows like this get cancelled! But I would gladly pay for this show! Ten times over.  Smart, so sophisticated that it made you think it wasn't, brilliantly subversive, and fucking hilarious!    It's not my fault all the cable companies have lost my trust, and wont let me pick what channels I want not the packages but the channels!  Or is it that the man don't pay me!?    So I sincerely hope it comes back in comic or tv movie form if not a full series!  What an ending!!!
Hey it takes a special show to pull off a musical episode!