Friday, September 14, 2012

Todd and the book of pure AWESOME!

In mere dumb luck, I stumbled upon what would later become a slight obsession. Thank you 12 days of Spacemas!  Also I love a good marathon.  So in a bitter sweet season 2 finale I discovered that due to loser piraters like me, shows like this get cancelled! But I would gladly pay for this show! Ten times over.  Smart, so sophisticated that it made you think it wasn't, brilliantly subversive, and fucking hilarious!    It's not my fault all the cable companies have lost my trust, and wont let me pick what channels I want not the packages but the channels!  Or is it that the man don't pay me!?    So I sincerely hope it comes back in comic or tv movie form if not a full series!  What an ending!!!
Hey it takes a special show to pull off a musical episode!

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