Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sometimes things do work out...


    Just when you think something is done it has a way of finding new life. The new old Sugababes, the Wizards of Waverly Place special, Futurama (until recently).  So when I heard of kickstarter or campagins like that I never thought anything of it. Until I realized just how powerful it could be. Awesome prizes, and if you don't make your goal, everybody gets their money back! Well worth it i'd say. You get to help bring something you love back fro the dead! That couldn't possibly be more perfect in this sense. Todd and his book of Pure evil will live again. At least for one more story to wrap it up.

     When Space network first brought with Todd and his co-horts at Crowley high I think they shocked the people exposed to them. Who were not that legion yet.  Things this good need time to progress and the audience has to understand. Sadly after 2 short season Space pulled the plug, and left the audience on the most eye popping cliffhanger you never saw coming.  So thanks to those who started the Indiegogo campaign. Probably the producers, but hey I really don't mind.  Check out this picture from one of the prizes, you get a pizza party with Chris Levins!!  Holy freaking shit!

PlUS IT'S ANIMATED! so cool. I always say every live action needs a animated counterpart. Buffy, Charmed, Doctor who, x-files, even Law and Order! feel me!  SO i can't wait to get my prize gym t-shirt for my contribution of 60 bones! That's actually in total I donated twice!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

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